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June 23, 2016
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By Jonny Gamer

Metro 2033 Tips, Secrets & Alternate Ending

Metro 2033 Is a first-person shooter with survival horror elements, released on March 16-20 for Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 and Linux platforms. The game’s narrative is taken from the novel Metro 2033 by Dmitry Glukhovsky. The development was sponsored by a well-known Ukrainian company – 4A Games, most of the employees who had previously worked in GSC Game World and created the familiar S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series for almost everyone.

The plot tells the life of people after a nuclear explosion on Earth. The action takes place in post-apocalyptic Moscow, namely in the Moscow metro. We play as a gallant soldier named Artyom, who has to find out about the “blacks” and destroy them in any way. The stepfather’s acquaintance, Hunter, gives the main character a stalker token before leaving the station, and instructs him to go to Polis, and ask for help if he (Hunter) does not return until tomorrow.

Walkthrough tips:

# 1.

It’s worth remembering a little trick. METRO 2033 has a currency – these are 5.45 caliber cartridges. They can also be used, the lethality from the shot is stronger than that of conventional ammunition. But don’t waste them in gunfights. Be careful not to accidentally charge them …

Regular cartridges:


Metro 2033 Tips, Secrets & Alternate Ending



Metro 2033 Tips, Secrets & Alternate Ending

# 2.

There will be a shortage of ammo by the middle of the game, so try to spend as little as possible. Look out for hiding places and all sorts of “goodies” … Try to examine every hidden place, every corpse, at every opportunity. Caches are often found on trains.

Most missions can be completed in stealth mode (stealthy), without killing a single person or spending a single cartridge.

Metro 2033 Tips, Secrets & Alternate Ending

Number 3.

How to complete the mission in stealth mode? How, how … Yes, easy!

Turn off the flashlight, put out the lamps in the room. Avoid traps: Avoid touching hanging cans, running on glass, or hitting stretch marks. Eliminate opponents with throwing knives and other silent means. Some stretch marks can be neutralized without harm to health and get cartridges and grenades from them, the main thing is to notice …

Metro 2033 Tips, Secrets & Alternate Ending

No. 4.

In some places where you need to use a gas mask, you need to quickly react to the situation and the change of events, since you will have to constantly change the filter – one by one … The most interesting thing is that there are very few of them in the game. On the surface, the main goal is not to destroy all opponents, but to get from point A to point B.

Personal recommendation – do not enter the battle if it does not require it!

No. 5.

Library path. There will be some suckers hanging from the ceilings that will damage you if you are under this crap. Run through them, so you save both time and bullets …

When you find yourself in the large hall, you will need to open the door to Miller. To do this, find on the ceiling and shoot at the wire that holds the chandelier …

Metro 2033 Tips, Secrets & Alternate Ending

No. 6.

When meeting with a librarian, there are several options to go through this part.

The first is to look at him every time. The monster will look at you for a while, and then leave.

The second is for those who already know which direction to run in. Stupid, headlong pinching from the librarian. Definitely, he will chase you, but if you move quickly and in the right direction, then there is a chance to survive.

No. 7.

In order to open the gates to the command sector D6 – you need to use the cart on the right.

Metro 2033 Tips, Secrets & Alternate Ending

There are also two endings in the game: bad and good.

  • Bad ending you will get there if you just go through the game without being distracted by anything.
  • For a good ending, if you do good deeds from time to time.

And what kind of actions, now you will find out:

  1. At the beginning, at VDNKh, donate several patrons to a man for the treatment of his son.
  2. Station Rizhskaya – to share the patron with one of the beggars.
  3. In the same place, give the boy a bullet to show the way to Bourbon.
  4. Again there is a patron to the beggar who tells a story to a child.
  5. Help three Red Army men free themselves from Nazi captivity.
  6. Paveletskaya station – find and take a recording with a message from the dying captain, and you need to put it in the Outpost mission, being on the roof of the building.
  7. Paveletskaya – for saving the boy, his mother will offer patrons for help, refuse.
  8. When Artyom loses consciousness on the way to D6 by train, in your visions go to the “black” ones.

Metro 2033 Tips, Secrets & Alternate Ending

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