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June 27, 2016
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By Jonny Gamer

Metro: Last Light Tips, Secrets & Alternate Ending

Metro: Last Light – this is the second game in the Metro series, serving as a continuation of the previous part. Developers and publishers have remained unchanged – 4A Games and Deep Silver. This time the game was released on 7 platforms: Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, PS3 – May 17, 2013, Mac OS X – September 10, 2013, Linux – November 5, 2013 and Xbox One, PlayStation 4 – August 26, 2014. Developers took into account the wishes of gamers and critics, promising to correct some of the shortcomings of its predecessor, at the same time, and improve the stealth passage.

More than a year has passed since the last part, when Artyom destroyed all the Blacks, and the time of love has come in Moscow – spring. Sparta moved to D6. In the same place, Khan informs the main character that he was able to track down one surviving Black, but still quite a child, and hoping that the last decision about the destruction of the hive was wrong, asks Artyom to save his life. Only Melnik and his gang have their own opinion – he arrests Khan, and sends his daughter Anna on a mission together with Artyom to eliminate the “Black”. But unforeseen circumstances arise …

Secrets and tips in the passage:

Unlike the first part, in this game you will not encounter such difficulties as the previous work could boast, such as going to the library or how to bypass the librarian, which weapon is lethal, etc. And also there is no point in writing where these or those chests with buns lie … Having carefully studied the area, you can find everything: starting with the cartridge, ending with gas masks.

# 1

Stealth walkthrough has been improved and worked out in detail. The fastest and most effective weapons in the game are helsings and throwing knives. They are good at killing all enemies … Be it a man or a monster. If they do not miss, they will wipe the enemy off the face of the earth quickly and without noise.

Metro: Last Light Tips, Secrets & Alternate Ending

It is also ideal to kill mutant guards with this weapon, thus saving ammunition.

Metro: Last Light Tips, Secrets & Alternate Ending

# 2

On shrimp (those that jump out of the water), it is ideal to throw grenades. You need to aim exactly at your feet, so they quickly die. If the shrimps have opened their belly, then we immediately fire on it. When they close them with claws, we run away from them, and wait for the weak point (abdomen) to open. And so over and over again …

Metro: Last Light Tips, Secrets & Alternate Ending


No. 1 Shrimp.

The very first boss in Metro: Last Light Is a huge shrimp that can be found in post-apocalyptic swamps. The best option is to pinch from it and do not forget to shoot while hiding in houses. Being near the church we throw grenades and throw them in the belly, well, as with the usual ones … We put mines in front of us, run away, shoot.

Metro: Last Light Tips, Secrets & Alternate Ending

# 2 Big Mom.

The next leader will meet immediately after church. Stupid and ridiculous boss in the whole game … You don’t need to spend any ammo on him. She will kill herself. We just stand so that the barricades are between you. Mom runs up and breaks their head, we also repeat. When he breaks everything, he will leave. The second room is similar …

Metro: Last Light Tips, Secrets & Alternate Ending

# 3 Bear.

We bring down from the bear and, as in the case of the shrimp, we put booby-traps under us, when time slows down, we immediately aim at the back. In the end, when our monsters gnaw it, we can disperse them and save the bear’s life, or leave her for a long and painful death. NOTE THIS WILL AFFECT THE END !!!

Metro: Last Light Tips, Secrets & Alternate Ending

No. 4 Tank.

Not really a boss, but problems with him can arise. He will appear at the very end, closer to the final, you can win a victory quickly, almost in a few seconds. First, shoot at the bottom (wheels), they will be highlighted in red. After that, mark on the top (tower), it will also glow – red. Better to use the sniper rifle you find nearby!

Metro: Last Light Tips, Secrets & Alternate Ending

Alternative ending (Good):

If throughout the passage you make the right decisions, you will achieve what you want … Somewhere you will need to make a choice, somewhere you will need a quick solution, and somewhere – hidden. When you perform a certain action in the game, you can see flashes on the screen and sound. A white flash is a good thing. IT IS WORTH NOTICE, TO GO TO THIS ENDING, DO NOT KILL ANYONE (EXCEPT THE KEY) !!!
IN Metro last light – the alternative narration turned out to be extremely better than that of the previous part …

# 1 Sparta.

As soon as you wake up, play the guitar in the room. Then listen to all the conversations you meet on the way … Near Melnik, in the room, find a balalaika, so what? That’s right, play it.

No. 2 Pavel.

At the top of the prison, pull the lever to free the hostages. Remember not to kill anyone, just stun …

# 3 Camp.

In the corridor to the left at the lockers around the corner, find the talking soldiers – listen to their conversation. The cache will be mentioned. Wait for the end of the conversation and follow it. When he opens the cabinet with weapons, stun him and take a present.
There you will also meet an enemy who surrenders, located inside the refrigerator. DO NOT KILL AND DO NOT STUN, LEAVE SIMPLY !!!

No. 4 Big.

Give the beggar a bullet, and then listen to his speech, and do not skimp, give the 2nd bullet.
Listen to the conversation of two men, not far from the beggar.
After that, also listen to everyone …
Next, grandfather will show shadow theater. Look to the end …
Opposite the juggler there will be two persons – to listen.
Next, at the theater you will meet a drug dealer and a buyer, wait for the end of the conversation, then the dealer will go back. Follow him and approach him …
Watch the performance from start to finish.
In front of Pavel, behind the glass you will see two girls – listen …

No. 5 Korbut.

Moving through the ventilation, listen to the conversations between Korbut and Moskvin.

No. 6.

Go around the metal detector and stun opponents. Follow the third enemy down the stairs and wait, the radio will answer that the group has left the place. Then again conversations – listen …

# 7 Regina

At the first fork, move the arrow and drive right. After ramming the fence, a flash will occur.
At the second fork, find a place where the cars will stand. There will be a corpse inside at the very end.
There will be a note in a room filled with green liquid. Take her …

# 8 Bandits

In the camp, listen to the conversations of a woman and her child … In the tunnel on the right you will hear a cry for help … Help before the bandits kill the girl.
After entering the rooms of the bandits, very quickly deal with them – this will save the hostages.
The bandits base has a carriage, and inside the body, head there. White light.

# 9 Venice.

Give the beggars bullets …
There is a shooting range not far from the market, go left. Find a mother and child. The child will say that he lost the toy, near the shooting range. Go there by going up the stairs and win 3 rounds. As a reward – a bear and cartridges. Give the child the toy.

No. 10 Infection.

Two soldiers will want to shoot people against the wall. Don’t let this happen – stun. Then listen to the survivor’s conversation …
Lesnitsky will say that they must take off the mask in order to save Anna’s life. Take off before he starts counting.

№11 Epidemic.

Find all the spots, there are 5 of them …

No. 12 Khan.

When you hear the phone call, then immediately remove the pipe …

No. 13 Depot.

When you meet Lesnitsky, just stun him … Don’t kill him !!!

No. 14 Red Square.

Don’t kill a single guard … And listen to Black.
Do not kill a single soldier during the passage of the chapter. And save Paul’s life.

No. 15 Garden.

Save the Dipper from being torn apart by monsters.

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