Fallout 4: Advice (How to lower the player’s level. We use the ArtMoney program and the console in the game)

You are playing at level 300.
You are well done.

We solve the problem.

I have 34 level.

I raise the level to 300 so that it is clear.

Player.setlevel 300

The console informs that 3354191 experience points have been issued.

It is because of this experience that it does not work, in most cases, to lower the level.

Command Player.setlevel will not work in the opposite direction.
If we introduce Player.setlevel 37, when you are already above 37, the result is – nothing will work.

Open the game without closing ArtMoney.
In the processes we choose Fallout4.exe.
We are looking for the picture below.
Value – 300.

We find a breakthrough of values ​​… well, or a hundred.

But we need to discard unnecessary values.

Switch back to the game and add one level, command:

Player.setlevel 301

The console informs that 22625 experience points have been issued and level 301 has been obtained.

Switch back to ArtMoney, click “Filter”, enter the value: 301
He finds.

Only 10 values.

Let’s double-check. We go into the game, add another level, with the command:

Player.setlevel 302

The console informs that 22700 experience points have been issued and level 302 has been obtained.

Switch back to ArtMoney, click “Filter”, enter the value – 302.

The same 10 values, which means that they must be changed, confidence 100%.

Here, the most important thing! Nothing, now, do not change!

We go into the game and prescribe:

Player.getav experience

The console will show the exact number of experience points, for example 3446451.

Next, we prescribe the addition negative your experience numbers:

Player.modav experience -3446451

We subtract exactly the amount that you have, otherwise the experience will fall to negative values ​​and it can be anything.

Checking! Enter into the console:

Player.getav experience and if there is zero, switch to ArtMoney.

We register ten, in each field “Value”.

And as soon as you switch to the game, the level will become ten.

Optionally – check.
We enter many times:

Player.modav experience 100

While line experience on the Pip-boy will start to fill.
Or in the standard way – to kill.

Oh. Is the line filling up? So everything is fine.

And the next level you get is the 11th.

Voila, you are beautiful!

After loading the save, the level remained 11th.
After re-entering the game, level 11 remains.

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