Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire: Advice (Hacking Skills with ArtMoney or Cheat Engine)

In general, how to hack the main characteristics has already been written here. 

Just in case, I’ll duplicate: 

We are looking for 4 bit values ​​when creating a character, we also filter them out, just do not forget about it: “Subtlety: if the characteristic was modified by the race, then we are looking for the value reduced by the racial bonus. For example, if the elf has 11 agility, then we look for 11-1 = 10. “

Now how to hack skills:

First, we hack the acquired experience. We are looking for and filtering out 4 bit values. You need to do this without switching to another card and without downloading, otherwise you will have to search again. 

Now we are looking for and breaking the level. Yes, exactly the level of the character. For simplicity, start at 3-5 levels. I got a lot of values ​​when screening out (about 40, but if you get confused, I think you can reduce this number). So, we freeze the value at 1. A sure sign that you are on the right track is that it takes exactly 1000 experience to increase. In some places, the level will still be displayed as if it had increased. Pay no attention to this. Go to the last stage – hacking the skills themselves. I advise you to increase them to 3, and only then filter them out (do not forget to subtract racial and class “bonuses” from the initial value when searching). We also search for and filter out 4-bit ones. By the way, since skills are from one group of values, it will soon be quite easy to find them among those found. In general, I got a level 63 Persian with skills under 250. A nice bonus – the companions encountered are also level 63 and stronger than they should be.

In general, a tip for those who want to explore the world as much as possible from the first playthrough and make a story choice regardless of leveling. Enjoy.

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