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May 4, 2020
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By Jonny Gamer

Spore: Tip (Moving a creation from one editor to another)

This method allows you to transfer a creation from one editor to another, thus you can change the type of creation (for example, a UFO can be turned into a ground trading vehicle, a captain – into a creature, a town hall – into a factory, etc.).

To do this, you need a ForceSaver mod (allows you to save and open the received creations from other users, how to install, figure it out) and the program ArtMoney (or similar, for example, TSearch, where to download and how to use them, see for yourself). Next, you need to do the following:

1) Launch Spore (preferably in windowed mode, it’s just more convenient) and go to the creature editor. Launch ArtMoney (or TSearch, whatever you have there) and actually select the process of the Spore game (SporeApp.exe). 

2) Open search, select data type “Integer 4 bytes“, enter 1180455098 and looking for, found several values.

3) Next, we return to the game, go to the town hall editor, return to the program, select filtering, enter the value 2582195973 and we filter out unnecessary values.

4) One value should remain, add it to the list.

And so, the principle of work is that you first need to open the editor “native” for our creation, then freeze the changed, previously found value, then go to the editor into which we want to move the creation, open sporopedia and find our creation. We choose, and that’s it! Creation in another editor.

For example, we want to transform cosm. the Grox ship into the air religious technique, for you need to do the following:
1) Open the spaceship editor, our value should change to 2528264583. Freeze it.

2) Exit the UFO editor, go to the air religious equipment editor, open Sporopedia, look for our UFO Grox, select, click Edit, now the UFO is loaded into the religious air vehicle editor, save. Well, that’s basically all.

Download ArtMoney from our server you can here.

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