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May 23, 2016
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By Jonny Gamer

Far Cry Primal – Walkthrough Tips







The new year 2016 has come and how “it is not strange” to all of us the well-known studio for the production of conveyors has released another “masterpiece”. Such a lucky person who saw the white light of the gaming industry was an experiment codenamed – Far Cry Primal. The game adheres to old traditions, only it is seasoned with a different sauce and filling different from the predecessors of the series. Primal is developed by Ubisoft Montreal for PS4, XO, and PC platforms.

On consoles, the game was released a little earlier – on February 23, 2016. For PC gaming, this miracle was delayed – March 1, 2016. The main innovation was the abrupt change of time. The action this time takes place in the Stone Age – 10 thousand years BC.

A little about the plot:

The main character was the only surviving representative of his family (tribe) – Takkar. He lost all his weapons in the last fight with the saber-toothed tiger, so our character has, in the truest sense of the word, – SURVIVE, creating a tool from anything, if only the material was found. The skinning of animals has not gone anywhere, so to speak – this is a “hello” from the past parts. In his wanderings and options not to be eaten, he finds a primitive girl – Sale, with whom Takkar begins his long and exciting journey …

So, it was a lyrical digression, and now WE present to your attention – tips that will greatly simplify the passage and give you an unforgettable experience … You can see similar stories about Tom Clancy’s The Division here.

Hunting time

# 1. I came – I saw – I took everything.

Well, everything is simple … Is there free space in the backpack?!? So collect everything and everyone. Roughly speaking, you are playing a survival simulator with your sandbox, your tricks, and unforeseen situations. The main thing here is resources. Yes, if you are not a fan of running and collecting various garbage, which may not help in the future, then Primal is not for you. Do not neglect the caches, for you can omit the necessary and valuable things … Such treasures will be marked with the appropriate symbols and marked already on the mini-map.

Far Cry Primal – Walkthrough Tips

# 2. Cudgel is the lot of real men.

The weapon that Takkar will protect is a spear, bow, and club. The club is the most powerful melee weapon. She can, simply, slightly pinch the enemy, but also only memory (you should hold the hit button further away). Everything is elementary, the longer you hold it, the more it will hit the enemy. But beware of opponents around, so that you don’t accidentally hit …

Far Cry Primal – Walkthrough Tips

Number 3. Well, et … We are not playing with toys here – everything is serious!

Do not think that the world will be friendly to you … By no means, all the inhabitants of the game area are hostile towards the player. Therefore – KEEP EAR EARLY AND DO NOT LET YOUR EYES OUT !!! (Yes, not Dark Souls, but there will be no less bombing). Note: bears can swim here – get ready, my friend.

No. 4. Thinking through a plan.

The hunter is always two or even five steps ahead of his victim. Get used to the fact that now ingenuity and precise implementation of the plan will help you get out of the water, otherwise there will be trouble. The stock of ammunition must always be full. Think over the options for the offensive and retreat, also nobody forbade stealth mode.

Far Cry Primal – Walkthrough Tips

No. 5. “Red flower”

Fire is no less important part of the universe, it can both help and kill … Be careful because not only you know how to “be friends” with it. Light bonfires, a warm-up at them, otherwise, your character will simply freeze and death.

Far Cry Primal – Walkthrough Tips

No. 6. “… And we are high-altitude installers, yes …”

Don’t forget to improve your tribe. Build fences, huts, traps … You are king and god here, so create your indestructible fortress. Provide all your people – protect, help, build … Stay in the role of a breadwinner, a builder, and a sensitive mother.

Far Cry Primal – Walkthrough Tips

No. 7. Animals are man’s best friends.

You will receive a skill or a gift of taming after talking with the shaman. A predator wandering with you will be at least useful. Will drive away others, mark opponents, and warn of impending danger. Give the order to attack this or that enemy … Extremely funny cases happen with animals, so you shouldn’t trust them completely.

Far Cry Primal – Walkthrough Tips

No. 8. The owl is a companion and helper from above.

In general, this bird serves as a scout. She sees perfectly both at night and in broad daylight. This animal will be able to mark opponents, just useful when you decide to meet such good fight. The owl can also drop bombs, but they are not entirely effective … There will be a lot of noise. The rest is an irreplaceable assistant.

Far Cry Primal – Walkthrough Tips

No. 9. Sleep and get rewards.

Finally, a small, almost cheating, how you can get free, unique clothes more often. First, you need to develop a village and rebuild a cave. Only then, visiting the hiding place, will you begin to find new things. Laziness is a great thing, so some people do this: from the hiding place to the cave, they doze, move back to the hiding place, then they doze back into the cave, and so long. Basically the whole advice….

Far Cry Primal – Walkthrough Tips

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