Ascension to the Throne: Tip (Hacking Game Data)

If anyone is interested, write, I will explain how to hack any of the two parts. Here’s a hack not only for Aenea, but also for Fenrir and Herald. Nothing completed except for the first dialogue with the goblin mentor. Not a single battle …. You can set the values ​​you want..

Here are just mistakes can be in the 2nd part of “Valkyrie”.

When loading a battle, after talking with Khan when to go to Azgard, and when returning to Anarot …. In other places, I don’t know if it is or not. And so you can hack not only the values, but also bonuses for all characteristics, add characteristics which the Persians do not have, for example, long-range damage, etc. Also increase / decrease attack speed. And any Persians and detachments. And it is not necessary, as you are told, to search for all addresses, one found address is enough …. If you remember, Aenea has average speed by default, and Gerald has even worse slow… . 

Here is a comparison for fenrir …. As you know, it has no ranged damage by default… .

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