Punisher, The: Council (Tips and tactics for the game)

In “Funeral Home” there is an undertaker who, if rescued, pushes a very interesting dialogue…

Best weapon:
– Combat rifle (+ sniper scope) infantry (upper right)
– 7.62 rifle (good as a machine gun)
– 5.56mm automatic pistols (second row from right)

* Before the new mission – read what is written in Challenge Mode.
Based on the task – to pick up weapons!

* Opponents who have a white skull (Punisher) over their heads need special interrogation (E). Try not to kill them, but take them as a hostage and find a white circle with a floating skull – this is a place for special interrogation.
* Glow with gold – a place for a cool kill.

* Difficulties in the game: (from my point of view)
* Gucci House: in the bedroom on the right side of the bed there is a grandfather clock with a button. The door to the control room will open. Shoot off two fire-fighting sprayers on the ceiling.

* Docks with Russians: On the port crane you need to sink the ship up and down (W-S) with an arrow.
* In order to undermine the tank in the last action, it is necessary on the left side, at the entrance to the hangar, to exchange weapons for a grenade launcher. Move directly to the wall and under its cover, destroy the tank.

* To kill a Russian in a vest, you have to wait until he hits the floor with his clasped hands. Then it becomes “cloudy”. Come to it from the back, make a grip (E) and ride it to the “golden” mark flickering on the floor. At this “place for murder”, in the first case, turn the Russian to the refrigerator, in the second – to the computer monitors, in the third – to the TV. Ready!

* On the island in the capture of a Russian general: at the entrance to the funicular, you must throw (G) a machine gun and pick up a sniper rifle.
* To kill a Russian bully, near the rocket, you need to shoot from a sniper rifle at the barrels that he raises above his head. When the thug starts running after you – take the machine gun (G) and shoot at the barrels, past which the thug runs. Sometimes the barrels explode and this damages the bruiser.
* Passage to the general – under the flames of a rocket, below, in the wall, a door.

* A freak with a target on his forehead, you need to bring down, shooting him in the head, you can use a machine gun in sight mode.

* Mission “Return to the pier” is better to pass with 6 charging grenade launcher, and then there are a lot of armored yakuza on the map

* The mission “Meat Processing Plant” is best done with a 7.62 rifle.

* Mission in the yakuza mansion: better use the grenade launcher! After the “quick” murder of the former leader of the yakuza – go straight to his office, on the computer, on the table, activate the opening of the secret door near the picture, by the elevator. While it will open for 3 minutes – look around the rooms for the key on the table from the secret door.

* The last level Prison: when you go up to the top, where the yakuza knocked out a riot police helicopter from a bazooka, you need to shoot from this bazooka at the transformer below, and a couple of times to shoot the prisoners running away from the gate.
* Do not forget to go to the death row and “electrify” the jerk who sits there.
* To kill Lobzik – you need to pick up RAMS, which are usually in two places, near the exits to the roof. Throw them up and shoot them with a machine gun. When Lobzik falls – throw RAMS at his feet.

Finale – Punisher flies off by helicopter.

If health is running out, then we take the “human shield”, take it to a secluded place and interrogate it without killing. Added a little bit of health and an indicator of the Butcher mode.

In carnage mode, if you click the mouse button, the knife throw will be inaccurate and will hit the chest. For instant death, I advise you to hold it for a second or two before releasing the mouse button..

To kill Puzzle at the end of the game, you need to shoot him in the jetpack. When he falls, you need to kill white ninjas and take RAMS from them. They must be thrown at Puzzle’s feet..
P.S. Revenge knives have no effect on Puzzle.

Complete an additional mission in the Takagi building (it is easy to complete the segment with a 100% hit with a flamethrower). Note that soldiers in white body armor do not light up!

In an additional mission at the docks where you need to kill as many Russians as possible, it is better to drag one by the container and, knocking his face on the ground, interrogate (during interrogation “smash his face”, most of the bullets fly over the Punisher’s back). then, using a human shield or rolls to get close to the next one, drag it by the same container, interrogate, and repeat this until they shoot.

If the enemies are holding two hostages – feel free to use frag grenades!

The less health the interrogated enemy has, the more he is afraid of blows or threats..

Interrogating opponents restores part of the health. Interrogating an enemy with a white skull over their head restores ALL health. Rescuing a hostage also restores all health.

At the Bar Lucky level, when you appear, do not rush to get your weapon, but go to the bar counter. There is a bartender. Talk to him.

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