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November 5, 2020
2 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

ATOM RPG: Tips (How to get up to 400k XP)

I noticed that in the game, killing a partner, if he is not in a group, brings about as much experience as he has at the moment, this can be used to pump yourself and your partners, eliminating those who are not needed.

How to proceed:

1) We find and clear the Red Fighter, our recreation center for partners, then we find all partners – Dzhulbars (a chance meeting between the Gas Station and the KRZ, survival 35+), Fidel – a tavern in the KRZ, Hexogen – Red Fighter, Alexander – Red Fighter after finishing bunker almost to the end (20k money for everything) and bring there.

2) We collect all partners in a group, then we exclude (necessarily!) From the group the first of those who are not needed, we kill him (better on the sidelines, so that the corpse does not call his eyes), everyone gets his experience, then we exclude the next one from the group and we also kill, the rest get his experience increased by the experience of the first, then we kill the third and fourth in the same way, we leave any of the necessary.

The most profitable scheme: Alexander (28-34k) -Hexogen (+ 14-16k) -Fidel (+ 3-4k) -Julbars (+ 0.5-1k), gives 400 + experience on the beginner’s difficulty and when pumping the perk by +20 % of experience, an expert without this perk will be somewhere around 240k. If you pumped companions before Alexander appeared, then the experience will be even more.

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