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October 1, 2020
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In this guide, you will learn how to install mods for the pirate Cities: Skylines. Here will be a guide for installing the mod, buildings and maps. Step 1: Open the folder, depending on the addon If this is a map then: Cities – Skylines \ Files \ Maps If a mod (for example, a mod for color correction) then: Cities – Skylines \ Files \ Mods If the object is: Cities – Skylines \ Files \ Maps (In the same folder as the maps) Step 2: Open the addon folder, for example the folder is called “405804564” We open it and find a crp file (Example: Roundabout with big street.crp) And we throw this file into the folder open above. Step 3: Go into the game, click “Content Manager”, select the category (Maps, mods, objects) and check your mod. Done! Your mod is in the game!


Method two (If this one doesn’t work)

For whom the method described above does not work, then transfer crp files to the folder: C: \ Users \% UserName% \ AppData \ Local \ Colossal Order \ Cities_Skylines \ Thanks to the participant sfabrikan for this method.

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