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October 1, 2020
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By Jonny Gamer

Cities: Skylines: Tip (Installing Pirate Mods)

In this guide, you will learn how to install mods for the pirate Cities: Skylines. Here will be a guide for installing the mod, buildings and maps. Step 1: Open the folder, depending on the addon If this is a map then: Cities – Skylines \ Files \ Maps If a mod (for example, a mod for color correction) then: Cities – Skylines \ Files \ Mods If the object is: Cities – Skylines \ Files \ Maps (In the same folder as the maps) Step 2: Open the addon folder, for example the folder is called “405804564” We open it and find a crp file (Example: Roundabout with big street.crp) And we throw this file into the folder open above. Step 3: Go into the game, click “Content Manager”, select the category (Maps, mods, objects) and check your mod. Done! Your mod is in the game!


Cities: Skylines: Tip (Installing Pirate Mods)
Method two (If this one doesn’t work)

For whom the method described above does not work, then transfer crp files to the folder: C: \ Users \% UserName% \ AppData \ Local \ Colossal Order \ Cities_Skylines \ Thanks to the participant sfabrikan for this method.

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