Divinity 2 / Ego Draconis: Advice (Tips and tactics for the game)

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August 6, 2020
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By Jonny Gamer

Divinity 2 / Ego Draconis: Advice (Tips and tactics for the game)

At the very beginning of the game (in Light) during training, when you kill the reptiles, climb the rock and find a book. You need to give it to the blacksmith – get a discount on goods, and if you also read your thoughts, then the discount will become more impressive and you can buy potions or weapons cheaper.

This is important: skill points can be earned not only by gaining a new level, but also by reading books and the thoughts of the interlocutor. A funny trick is connected with the latter: if you are offered to spend a little experience points in exchange for “wonderful thoughts”, do not even take it – there is nothing valuable in the victim’s head. But if the amount exceeds all reasonable limits, this is what you need.

Playing as a tracker is not like chopping down everything that moves as a warrior, and not setting fires with a magician. Agility and dexterity are the keys to victory, but they can be used in completely different ways..

Train yourself to the idea that you need to be in motion all the time, especially jumping. A backflip done in time, when the enemy is about to close the distance, will give you a chance to use several skills in a row, or even arrange a real shower of arrows. The best moment to get out of the blow is the moment of swinging the sword: when the enemy misses, he drifts and he “freezes” for a short time, but these few seconds are more than enough for reprisal.

Fleeing the battlefield in Divinity 2 is not at all a sign of cowardice. If the enemy decided to take in quantity, try to either hide somewhere or run away. At the same time, turn around regularly: as soon as the opponents give up the chase, they will wander home, which means two things. First, the danger is over. Second, you can shoot in the back. And here is a funny glitch associated with this: no response will follow. You can at least kill the whole squad – while the artificial intelligence follows the command “Home”, it pays no attention to anything else.

Another funny bug: enemies do not perceive thin trees and pillars at all. That is, if you stand behind them, they will actively shoot at you, but all arrows or magic charges will not hit the target. But if you choose the right position, then in no time you will click everyone.

Use your necrosaurus or demon from time to time as cannon fodder: release it on enemies, and stay behind and spray them with arrows. Works flawlessly.

Do not forget that at any time you can return to the Tower of Power, so if you get into trouble, feel free to activate the magic stone. And do not worry: if you knocked down a part of the enemy’s health, then it will no longer be restored. It is beneficial to use it during fights with strong opponents, because you can win in three or four stages.

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