Enforcer: Police Crime Action: Tip (Edit Your Profile)

We go to the OdinGameStudio folder, which is located: drive C / Users / (Username) / AppData {Important !! This folder is invisible, so we write AppData} / LocalLow in the address bar

In the OdinGameStudio folder, select Enforcer, in the Enforcer folder, select DATA_saves. There will be text files, (Attention: if you want to edit the profile that is in the 1st slot, you need to select PROFILE0) open them with a notepad – that’s all, you can change anything in it: name, money, health, points , level, color of your car, change your police car tuning, even the gender of the hero can be changed !!

Use for health!

P.S. Found it myself, write in the comments if you saw a similar one on the site / video.

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