Heroes of Annihilated Empires: Advice (Tips and Tactics for the Game)

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May 7, 2020
3 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Heroes of Annihilated Empires: Advice (Tips and Tactics for the Game)

In this game, you will not only have to send troops to the attack, but think about your further actions, during the game you will encounter missions that you will have to go through alone – without troops and allies.
At the beginning of the game, your hero named Elkhant (he is an elf) will not differ in his strength and abilities, but then he will be able to kill a couple of dozen opponents without difficulty.
I went through almost the entire game with one hero, without using troops, it’s not difficult if you correctly distribute hero points.
We kill a dozen or two soldiers – we get the level, there will be a choice of two options such as:

– increase mana-
– life
– attack force
– attack speed
– travel speed
– regeneration of life
– mana regeneration
– protection from magic
– piercing protection
– cutting protection
– crushing protection

I advise you to first increase your movement speed a couple of times (2 times), since often at the beginning of the game, due to the weakness of the hero, you will have to run away, then, starting from level 5, increase your defense (except magical – magic attacks will rarely come across), and then get close to pumping attack and lives.

You don’t need a lot of mana.
In each mission, you can dial no more than ten levels, in total in the game you can dial a maximum of 202 hero level.
If you do not know how to pass the 1st mission, then it is very easy: when Elkhant tells his soldiers to retreat that he himself will delay this undead, after this moment hold out near the undead for 5 seconds, and then run away to the place where the game started (run towards the bridge to the tower) and that’s it – the mission is completed.

Fight against strong opponents: take a bow and start shooting at the enemy with a bow, when he (it) comes close – run away, at first it will follow you, but then he will get tired of chasing you and it will come back, repeat the procedure a couple of times and you’re done ( advice – kill powerful enemies, they leave good artifacts and spells).

Help for cheaters – if you cannot enter the code, then you are entering it incorrectly, please note that for experience you need to enter GiveExpa (number – without brackets), and not giveexpa or GIVEEXPA, the same with money – GiveMoney.

You can not pump health in the game. If, starting from the second mission, you save and then load, then the health will increase depending on the mission.

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