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May 26, 2020
12 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Hitman / Contracts: Advice (Tips and tactics for the game)

At the hotel level, the building is haunted. If you want to take a look, there is a room on the first floor at the very end of the building where a murdered person lies. There is also a sawn-off shotgun, cartridges and a knife. Go to the bathroom and look in the mirror. If you don’t see anything, then try to move away. The effect will look better if you look in the first person.!

I want to tell you about a simplified (in comparison with the well-known description of the passage) the way to get the “Silent Assassin” rating in 1,2 and 4 missions.
In mission 1, the easiest way is to throw away the weapon, take the car key from the doctor and run to the elevator. On the way, shoot any psycho with a syringe and change (instead of running upstairs from the guard with an electric shock through the rooms in search of psycho clothes). Then we go to the central staircase, go into the door opposite the exit, wait for the riot policeman, go up the spiral staircase after him, but do not go after him into the door of the next room, but sit down in the left corner of the door. When he leaves, we enter the room, go out to the balcony and sit down. We turn on the map mode and wait for the cop on the street to start bypassing the car. We quickly get down and run to the car – not a single alarm !!! (if you run, not chew snot).
In the second mission (meat king), you can relax with chicken and a trip to the kitchen.
The beginning is as it should be: we throw away the weapon, change into a cook, close it in Kamaz with a refrigerator and go in (do not forget to throw out the hook, otherwise problems cannot be avoided. We pass the face control and immediately go up the stairs to the butcher’s brother. Find the remains of the heifer, take it hand and (if we picked up a cleaver on the way) we wet the butcher’s brother running in, which is morally desirable. Then we go to the locker room (on the map there is a room with many partitions. We dress in the clothes of a waiter. We go to the red room and take a pipe with opium. until thrown out) we go to the lawyer, smoke him, a knife in his throat – and hello. So as not to get worn out, throw the knife here, otherwise there will be problems at the entrance to the butcher’s quarters. We take another drug pipe and blow to the second floor to the butcher. We pass the second face – control and go to the room right where the hunter likes to smoke on the balcony. There we take out the knife from the sofa and go to the fat man. We stand in the room and one of the prostitutes come up and ask to blow. We drop the pipe on the floor – there is no show of whores to serve – she will pick it up, smoke it, treat a friend and both will be cut off. On sneak peeks we approach and cut the thick throat (yes, as they took the knife, close the curtains at the butcher, otherwise the guards will stuff it with lead). We throw the knife and through the dressing room, which is easily found on the map, we go to two refrigerators – and to the base, i.e., in glitches.
At the Bellinford dacha, you can also go differently.
At the very beginning, we do not go to the left along the water. but to the right. We pass the tennis courts and go out to the right to the stables (not forgetting to sit out the visit of the convoy behind the stone on the right wall. When one of the patrolmen goes around all the buildings, we follow him tizho and in the area of ​​boxes we stab him with a syringe, we change clothes. we go into the door, where to the left is the cable from the TV – antenna. in the same room on the left there is a well with water for vociferous horses who like to raise the guard. We pass this room straight. In this little vestibule there are two doors of interest to us: on the left – with a bucket of pesticides and opposite We take a bucket of poison, go back to the well, pour it there, watch a video about the death of horses, quickly run out the outer door, tear out the cable and rush straight into the room where they took the poison. Calmly watch how from the room the guard comes out opposite, we carefully run in there and take the key from the prisoner’s cell, release it (at the same time, as in the case of drinking horses, beware of the stableman – a tramp). We rush to the street and stay closer to the village. ohm. It’s still boring to know the structure of the house – this is the speed required before the patrolman wakes up. It is better to enter the house not by the stupid dogs, to the other side, and we find ourselves almost in the boiler room. We cut off the water, the heifer from the shower and goes down to look, and we meet her in the shower room, we go through the secret door behind the mirror upstairs, in the second room to the right we take poison, we go to the old lord (on tiptoe), poison into milk and quickly blow one of the 4 spiral staircases to the basement. There the remains of the poison in a barrel of whiskey and tear the claws to the start of the mission. Everything will happen by itself. The old horseradish will drink a shelf with potassium cyanides, and the young one will be poisoned with burned whiskey by a friend – the butler.
There are a couple of cool missions that I will write about with the first free time..

In the game HitmanContracts in the mission “Beldingford Manor” in the stables on the ground floor in the room for the guards – these same guards are watching a very interesting thing on TV…

The easy way to complete the “Assassination of Lee Hong” mission.
At the beginning of the mission, throw away all weapons and calmly go to the bar. When the bartender turns away, just grab the laxative from the shelf. Then go back to the street and go to the gate at the back of the building. Enter the left door and go down to the basement where the cook is hanging out. Do not approach him, but go to the next room, where the suit of the same cook and security guard is waiting for you on the floor. Change into a cook and go upstairs. Then go to the kitchen, where you will be asked to take the soup to Lee Hong and his bodyguard. Pre-season the soup with laxatives and take it to the hall, where Lee Hong and his friend are already waiting for you. Offer the soup to the table. Hong’s bodyguard will drink the soup, smacking his lips rather, and will immediately break loose, you know where! Hong will remain unperturbed in the chair. Approach him from behind and strangle him with a stranglehold. Take the cipher from the safe. Then return to the basement and change into the clothes of a guard (out of harm’s way). Then go outside and go to the stairs that lead to the balcony. Go upstairs and break into the first door. There’s a safe there. The statuette is usually in it. Take the figurine and tick to the exit. Completed the mission and earn the Silent Assassin rating!

In the first mission, after the psychos, you take the elevator to the third floor and the corpse of SWAT lies on the left against the wall. We also change through the main exit.

Do you still remember from the first mission of the psycho, who walked in a closed sector with a minigun?
So listen to how to get it (minigun, of course): After completing the game, start the first mission over again, select a card belonging to some doctor from the “backpack” and open the grate with it. Minigun your!

If you are a lover of blood and meat, then in the 1st mission wet the riot police from the elevator. Click on the floor number, the doors open, and you release a full clip. I put 20 people in this way.

In the mission of the Belfingr estate, the Lord can be killed from the attic of the stables of his son, go up to the third floor and pour gasoline into the pipe.

In the mission where you have to fill up the chief of cops and the blue lotus, you can see Chinese posters on Hitman.
To do this, before the arrival of the police, we run to the basement of the restaurant, where the arrow will pass, we go into the room where the cook’s costume is, and we look directly at two identical posters opposite the doors.

The second mission at the butcher can be completed even easier, but not so noiselessly. First, after killing a man in a wheelbarrow, throwing away the weapon and changing clothes, go through the security and go up to the 2nd floor to fill up the butcher’s brother and take his hand. Then you can change in the locker room (or you can not) and wait until the target goes with the guard to the toilet nearby. There everyone can be quietly shredded with a cleaver. Then hide them in booths and change into security. Then we go up to the second floor (where they took our hand), but we immediately go to the roof on the street (see on the map). There we DO NOT go to the opposite door, but go up an inconspicuous staircase (but it is clearly visible on the map) and go all the way along the iron balcony, where we open the window and through it we see the BUTTER, who can be killed from any firearm (you can take it from the guard in the toilet) , since he is high and does not see us. Then we do not pay attention to the alarm and go back to the roof, where we climbed the stairs – here you can see the exit on the map – 2 trucks below. You can go down through the building, or you can jump down.

In Mission 5 – Rendezvous In Rotterdam you can see some interesting pictures. To do this, after making our way to the bikers’ base and completing the assigned task (see the walkthrough), we will stay on the second floor. Imperceptibly we make our way into the tattoo room. It is located on the map in the far left corner. You can also get there through the roof by going up the stairs (see map). When there is no one in the room, we go in and choose for ourselves the tattoos depicted on the walls. As you can see on some sheets you can see the logo of the company “IO-Interactive” and the game sign “Hitman”.

If someone played with cheats, then after the introduction of giveall, a pipe appears in the inventory. I recommend it to everyone, it wets anyone from the first blow, and the bodies fly like birds.

By the way, the “rescue” of Mei Lingv (Mission 11 – Lee Hong Assassination) is not so difficult, you just need to go to the opposite side of the building, jump over the balcony and, reaching the round arch, quietly walk to the double doors, and then to the basement, so without noise.

Mission 6, Deadly cargo, can be completed by removing Boris from a sniper rifle and earning the title of Silent Assassin. To do this, it is not at all necessary to install a beacon on the car and go to a bar. We go to the entrance to the port guarded by the police. To the left of the entrance behind the container, turn off the generator. The policeman guarding the entrance turns off the TV, and he is sent to troubleshoot. We pass through the gate and immediately rise to the porch of the building on the left. This is the office of the valiant law enforcers. We go inside, reach a room with an exclamation mark and change into a police uniform (there are usually 1-2 policemen in the building, so before performing all these tricks, it will not be superfluous to study their routes of movement). After changing clothes, we leave through the back door, it’s a garage. We go into the first hangar occupied by special forces (they practically do not react to you in the form of a policeman) and go down into the sewers. We get to the third hangar, go up to the room on the second floor with a staircase leading to the roof, on which a sniper is on duty. Now you need to wait for the start of the assault. As soon as the command to storm the ship sounds, and the special forces happily run to kill the terrorists in the outhouse, we go up to the roof and carefully inject the sniper, change clothes and take a sniper rifle, wait for Boris to run into the wheelhouse, remove him and calmly move in the same way to exit.

In the Byarkov bomb mission, you can also mine a car, which will drive two victims. An additional three bombs are on Bjarkov’s ship. Now I’ll tell you their whereabouts. After we pass face control to the ship, we immediately turn right into the door. There we pass 3 marines and go through the next door. There are 3 more bombs.

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