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February 13, 2020
19 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Lord of the Rings / The Battle for Middle-earth, The: Council (Tips and tactics for the game)

So if you play for Mordor, then stir up one chip…
Build a Slaughterhouse and Orc Pit (where archers and orcs are made).
Orc squad is FREE !! And the trick is that if you drive a detachment of orcs into a slaughterhouse, you will get resources … And the orcs are free!
do as much as you like and send to the slaughterhouse…

Tormented by the inordinate number of victories required to recruit the next level? NO PROBLEM!!! Level up is easy. In battles, place an easy opponent. When you have almost destroyed it (there are one or two buildings left) save and end the game. You get one point. Then load the save. Destroy the remaining buildings again and get another point! And more, more, more…
I say right away, in companies it doesn’t work out that way.

When playing, build that building where technologies are developed (Arsenal, etc.). When you buy all the improvements, destroy the building, thus you will not lose the technologies that you purchased and earn money, since when you destroy the building, you get a sum of money for it!

There is such a thing in the game as uniting squads..
If you buy weapon, armor and standard-bearer upgrades for one squad and combine it with another squad, then the second squad gets all the upgrades for FREE!

Playing as the forces of EVIL, at first glance it may seem that the Rohan fortresses are not criminal. This is not true. In fact, their opponents, the Uruk-Haytsy, are the easiest nation to complete the campaign (and for single-player missions too). They click the fortresses of the Rokhatsev like nuts.
We take four or five squads as a swordsman, and three or four squads of crossbowmen, upgrade them in full. We also take two ladders, and a couple of three (if the enemy has built towers) of the Urukhai elite, and the same number of fighters with mines. As a rule (in 9 cases out of 10, in any case, this was the case with me), the computer does not put archers upgraded with fire arrows on the walls (with the exception of missions in Helm’s Gorge and Minas Tirith, you have to use catapults there, and quickly go to a breakthrough until the computer did not set up new archers).
The assault takes place in several stages. We bring the stairs to the walls of the fortress from the least protected side (swordsmen should go almost simultaneously with the stairs). Immediately we throw swordsmen on the walls, who knock out the enemy’s archers, and archers who begin to actively fire at the cavalry standing below (horses do not climb the walls). After the swordsmen knock out the archers from the walls, they immediately go down inside the fortress, and finish off the riders, destroy buildings, in short, they bring Peace and Order to the lands of Rohan.
If the enemy has towers (he builds towers, usually immediately after the start of your assault). Then we immediately lay mines under them, which we immediately detonate.
Using this tactic correctly, your losses will be a maximum of three units (I played on the hardest difficulty level). These units can be quickly created in the barracks, and upgraded, right at the time of the assault (instead of losses).
ZY In general, the UrukKhai are my favorite fighters. I even stormed Minas Tirith with them.

Medium to Hard campaigns may have money or upgrade issues. In this case, at the end of the mission, leave one building in the enemy’s camp (Slaughterhouse, farm) and, after saving money, upgrade all your wars.
And if problems with upgrades arise during the game, I propose to go on the defensive: in the camp we put towers everywhere and take the army to a safe direction (corner of the map, etc.), in the castle we build towers in the same way around the entire perimeter, we do near the gate: , and an army inside the castle (archers, heroes on the walls).

The Mumakils are some of the most expensive warriors in Mordor. In battle, they are naturally very strong. But playing as Gondor you will take them out in 10 seconds. To do this, you need to create 2 detachments of vagrants and equip them with fiery arrows. If mumakil storms the gate, then it can be easily eliminated with a fire trebuchet.

Probably in the game for Mordor they often kill elephants with fire arrows.
So load the Rune Wars into the elephants (they are called that in the version that I have.) And now the rain of fire arrows is not an obstacle for elephants!

Those who like to play as Isengard probably often use Urukhai explosive mines. The original use of the mine is by the elite infantry of Isengard who set it on fire with torches. The mine can also be detonated with Saruman’s fireball, Gandalf’s lightning, and fire arrows.
Rohan has many heroes. Some of them are Eowyn and Eomer. Eowyn’s spear takes out the Nazgul at once, and Eomer’s spear does good damage to Mumakil.
Also, the Nazgul brings down the light of the Istari Gandalf quite well. If playing as Gondor against Isengard’s elite infantry, use the White Tower Guard.

One Gandalf is missing for you?
You can easily do two. In the game for Gondor, we create one Gandalf, then we look to make sure there is enough money for the second (6000 resources), then we turn him with the help of the power of fate into White … and with a clear conscience we send him to death. When Gandalf the White dies, click on the fortress (where you can recruit heroes). Now comes the tricky part. When you click on the fortress, do not miss the moment when a circle appears with a photo of Gandalf. If you have a White Gandalf, then when you click on the fortress, the photo will first for a couple of seconds with the image of the gray Gandalf and then turn into White.
This moment is difficult to see because it is insignificant at first glance. That’s when there is a photo of the Gray Gandalf in the circle, quickly and click on him. In a few minutes the Gray Gandalf will come out. Press again on the fortress, and we see that you can do another one – White. One gray the other white…

When playing as Gondor or Rohan, you can almost double the number of units. To do this, you need to do simple things: Build the maximum number of units. then find a mine of goblins or wargs and start running around them without touching. When you have two or one unit left in your squad, run back to a safe distance and send the next squad. When it will be possible to build new units, order them to the maximum, without ceasing to reduce the units.
To restore damaged units, build wells and use healing. To reduce units, you can use the enemy’s castle (running past towers or archers).

When playing as Isengard against humans, you can make it so that you don’t have to storm the castle walls. Build as many wargs as possible and, just in case, a couple of battering guns. Then heat up the wargs, find the enemy castle (with a gate) with a small detachment. Make sure the gate is open. now select all the wargs and direct them directly to the center of the castle. With a 75% probability, the enemy will not have time to close the gate and at least half of the wargs will penetrate into the very heart of the enemy citadel. And there is already at your discretion.

In the company of the Forces of Good in the defense of Minas Tirith, during an attack with a large ram, you can let him near the gate and even give him a knock once, and then open the gate. The battering ram begins to unfold and wedges safely, it is impossible for enemies to pass it. We destroy and close the gate.

Mordor’s MOUNTAIN TROLES are best fought against Nazgгl and archers with fire arrows.

Playing as Isengard, build a large tower, and later place spearmen, ordering them to stand as a porcupine, followed by archers. NOBODY WILL PASS!

In skirmishes, playing as Gondor, at first until you are defeated, while you build up your strength. It is necessary to run around all the farms with the available detachments and seize them – let the money go. Against enemies, immediately block them and “heal” when you drain them. This time will be enough to make battalions of archers and soldiers. Three or four battalions in hot spots and an elven forest there too. They will hold on for a long time, they will not give anyone a pass. During this time, we wrap up our army … Then you can, at your pleasure, slowly destroy the enemy.

When playing as Rohan, you don’t need to use troops at all!
1) Close the gate.
2) We build farms at all points, simultaneously capturing several nearby ones behind the fortress.
3) We make two towers on both sides of the gate.
4) Save up for Legolas and pump him.
5) We make the rest of the heroes, starting with the coolest.
6) We rebuild the towers around to the end.
7) We make Entmouth and, accordingly, 15 pieces of Ents together with the hero-ent
8) We save the strength of the ring, use it for its intended purpose.
All! With such an army (in my opinion, 8 heroes and up to 20 Ents, take out any base, with the help of the living dead, summoned elves and Ents)
I myself endured the maximum of difficult (!) Opponents (7).

For the light company in the mission “Black Gates”.
If you have Gandalf at level 9, and you want him at level 10, then send him to attack the first wave with “Wisard Blast” and let him attack a little and he will start with “Word Of Power” which will be useful in the 4th wave [ With trolls].

When playing in the battle mode for Gondor, in principle, you can not use the troops. You can even defeat veterans and, moreover, win beautifully, using all the power of Gandalf and the ability to competently manage him. Here’s one of the options:
1. We build two forges in the castle and send soldiers to occupy parts of the map to build farms.
2. Immediately close the gate and set the ability “Healing” in the menu of Anor’s Flame.
3.With an increase in resources, we build three more forges in the castle and wait.
4. When 3000 units are accumulated, we build 4 statues of the hero (when they are built, 4200 units will just accumulate, sufficient to summon Genlulf)
5. Send him to defend the gate, but do not use magic too much due to its slow recovery (in melee it is also effective).
6. Build a Quarry and only then build towers around the perimeter. It is better to build stone throwers next to the gate for counter-battery combat, and then the towers themselves.
7. Spare no expense, make all the improvements in the Quarry, which will make the castle more beautiful and more resistant to attacks of opponents.

Simple and helpful tips for Gandalf lovers:
1. Destroy enemy peripheral buildings to increase the power of Anor’s Flame. The castle, of course, will have to be left, but the Gray Wanderer will gain experience the fastest way..
2. If enemy units approach the castle, open the gate for them by placing Gandalf nearby. They will begin to tear inward, crowding each other, then
use the Power of the magician (there is a chance to destroy 3-4 units at once).
3. Gandalf the White can instantly deal with strong units and heroes using the Beam of Light. This spell works more and more efficiently as it levels up..
4. Svetozar increases Gandalf’s mobility and efficiency of his actions, but sometimes it is useful to dismount: while fighting, Gandalf on horseback does idle and often loses precious seconds; he is also more vulnerable to rifle units.
5. Heal the mage only if absolutely necessary, because no one knows what else will happen while the “Healing” is being restored.
6. Lightning is good for eliminating an enemy citadel or Balrog at once. This spell should only be used at a crucial moment..
7. It is interesting to try to lure as many enemies as possible during
enemy fortress, if it is almost destroyed (all buildings have a small margin of safety). So, standing in the center, apply the most powerful spell “Light of Haman”. Beautiful elimination of all hostile elements in the region, plus the ability to calmly rebuild a new castle. In my opinion, the most suitable end of the decisive battle.
One last thing: Mithrandir is much less likely to survive in the fight against the forces of Light (I already lost against two players of the configuration “Rohan, Veteran”). Have a nice game for Gondor.

In my opinion, Gondor is the strongest army in the game. Here’s my advice: when playing for Gondor, build 6 forges in the fortress, they reduce the cost of upgrading troops, and they also have more health than farms. I usually play with two different tactics, depending on the situation. 1) build riders – they are effective warriors, but too expensive and require a lot of upgrade. Here, forges are especially useful … 2) it is better not to build horsemen, but to build Gondor rangers – these are my favorite warriors! They do not require large upgrade costs. Toka buy fire for them for 1200 and that’s it. They cannot have armor at all, the standard-bearer will not fundamentally decide the outcome of the case, so you can not order it. Toka fire and forward!

Criticism of some advice.
1) Free orcs, especially at the beginning, should not be sent to slaughterhouses. Only 20 coins are of use – And in the case of some kind of combat strength.
2) Do not destroy buildings of upgrades – their price then grows more expensive.

And while playing for good on the Helm’s Pad mission, you are most afraid of Isengard mines. There is a way to use them in your pose: put a fully pumped squad of archers (preferably elves) on the wall and when the mines are still at a safe distance from the wall, shoot them with fiery arrows, thereby you will destroy the mine, and if you are lucky, then the enemy units that were next to her. Now wait for Gandalf.

Strongest army – Isengard.
Uruk-Hai are excellent fighters, especially the upgraded ones, they even surpass the Gondor ones, and by the limit there are 2 times more of them…
It seems impossible to beat Isen. In the first 10 minutes of the game, you can build 50 crossbowmen with a full upgrade. They already demolish practically everyone, and the spearmen do not allow the cavalry to pass. The voice of Saruman works great against the Ents – they start kicking each other, and the Uruks joke at them 🙂 We don’t use berserkers, they are expensive and get under the hooves. Castles methodically explode to a state of cheese, and then troops simply enter there. It is even easier against Mordor, the orcs do not know how to fight, all who know how are removed by the same crossbowmen…

Probably, everyone who plays for good has a hard time when an evil adversary summons a Balrog … Here are some ways to destroy him:
– ghosts (we attack together with all the braga and we kill a terrible monster, just beware of its fiery breath);
– also Balrogs are famously killed by eagles (attack with two at once);
– and one more (discovered quite by accident): Gandalf kills him with his last strength!
Good luck! May the Forces of Light be with you!

If you play as Isengard, it’s easy to win with crossbowmen.
And from the heroes of Isengard, it is better to choose Lurtz because he has a bow, and it is very pleasant to fire a bow on the unsuspecting infantry of Rohan.

This game has a very useful feature – squad crossing, a VERY useful thing, especially when playing as Gondor.
It means this: we create an archery shooting range, barracks and create detachments until they (shooting range and barracks) are pumped to the second level. Next, we build a forge, wait, sir, until it is pumped to the second level (it is better to build it first, and then the barracks and the shooting range, since it takes a long time to build the second level). When all three buildings have reached the second level, we buy upgrades and fire arrows at the shooting range in the forge, we upgrade the units in full and cross them: a soldier with archers.
Next, we build the elite – rangers and tower guards, upgrade them and cross them.
We bring all these detachments to the battlefield and what we see: archers stand behind the soldiers, like behind a stone wall and shoot arrows at the enemy, and if you went to the archers, it doesn’t matter, because the first thing the enemies will kill the soldiers or the tower guards , and they have cool armor and shields, and while the enemy’s archers wet soldiers or guards, your archers will easily lay them down without getting hurt (it is desirable to have the power of healing), while the soldiers and guards will survive (the majority), and if someone dies, then we treat the squad.
If melee units are attacking you, then it is even easier to lay them down: until they reach, half of them will remain, and if they reach you, they will be easily killed by guards or soldiers!
Very useful if you are playing against Isengard or Mordor.
BUT: these units are not very strong against cavalry and warg riders.

Minas Tirith, Campaign of Good.
Hordes of orcs will begin to seize your fortress and not all are so weak!
Here are some tips for completing this mission with a bang:
1) The Nazguls are not only flying but also very strong warriors. In order not to distract archers while they demolish light pawns under the walls, just use the skill of Gandalf Light of Istaria – it will soak the Nazgul the first time!
2) As soon as the Rohhirim come to your aid, try to keep Eomer and Eowyn alive as long as possible! They can throw a spear, which is effective against mumakils..
3) Battering ram is also not an easy problem. As soon as he comes close to the gate, open it and then close it and do this several times until Gandalf and a squad of archers overwhelm him (Battering ram is a slow thing, when you open the gate it starts to unfold, turn, etc., preventing the army of Mordor from going through, and closing the gate again will continue to rush, not knowing what to do).
4) The main task is to destroy all the power of Sauron. Personally, I sent the whole army to defend the fortress, and after Aragorn came and his gang sent all the forces of the castle to one of the camps, and the dead to another.

Eomer and Eowyn both know how to throw a spear. A small bug can be used. We pump both to the required level (so that you can throw a spear, with Eowyn it is mine from the 1st level). We take both, select the one who is less than the level (since when we select both, they show the one who is older or stronger), throw the spear, then select both and throw it again (for example, throw Eowyn’s spear at the troll, then the Nazgul arrives, select Eomer and her, throw Eomer spear and see that Eowyn throws it for the 2nd time before it loads).

Mordor also has its own defensive advantages. In the beginning, in the foreground, we build several slaughterhouses or forges … we wait until the third level. And you have full turrets plus standard towers! Infinite Orcs build faster than die. Good luck!

If the enemy attacked your farms or buildings (not in the camp or in it,) wait until he spends time on them, send troops there, and if you do not have time, then after waiting until the enemy almost destroys them, click the “destroy” button, the building will return you half of how much you bought it, and the enemy will not receive experience.

When you go through a campaign of good and pass Minas Tirith, you are faced with a large ram. Many in these tips say that you need to open and close the gate, nothing like that.
If you watched the movie, you remember that there were CATAPULTS, well, here you take and put catapults on the 2nd level. All the catapults, Handelf and fire arrows and the ram are over, and when the army of Rohan comes, take the peasants and repair the remaining damage.

At the black gates for the Light, if you have problems, then listen, the main thing is a pumped army, heroes and of course Gendelf. In the first wave, you use Gendelf’s “Word of Power” and then finish off the rest of the remnants. In several other waves, you just fight. When I passed, I think that the heaviest wave is Haradrim and MUMAKI. These … elephants haunt me, but if you use magic it will make it easier for you. Well, after the wave of haradrim “Word of Power”, “Call of the Dead”, “Three Arrows” and other super powers of heroes and EVERYTHING. It is better to wet the trolls with “Stream of Light” and “Handelf’s Lightning”.

Playing as Rohon, you can easily make money. To do this, you need to build a tower and immediately destroy it (you need to destroy it quickly – it’s easier to press hot keys). In 5 minutes I had all the heroes, improved cavalry and entmunt.

Ghosts can be killed! This can be done by: Balrog (fire breath), Gandalf (ring of power) and Aragorn (sword upgrade + blade master).

Don’t rely on heroes during the game. Real victory (especially against real opponents) can only be achieved with the support of an army of heroes. So, for example, Gandalf can be killed with the help of the spearmen Urukhayi and Lurtz, who can use the “red arrow”.

To destroy BALROG you only need Gandalf WHITE (gray will not pull, magic hits 2 times less). First soak it with “Light from olden times”, and then with LIGHTNING (The main thing is that the Balrog does not leave from under the fire). If Gandalf was level 5, then killing a balrog will raise him to 9! And there and to the “word of power” not far…

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