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December 29, 2020
10 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Pirates of the Caribbean: Council (Tips and tactics for the game)

1. If you want a lot of money and right away – go to the moneylender, borrow money from him (at the beginning they give only 3000), put it in the chest there and apply for a loan again (oddly enough, they will give money). This operation can be repeated countless times, the amount of your debt does not change, but in fact the money (in the chest) grows. When you get bored or you have enough money, take the accumulated from the chest, pay off the usurer and take away everything you received. When you have a good ship and a good reputation, the usurers will offer more.

2. If you want a lot of experience and abilities, buy a battleship with your honestly earned “big money” (see above) and sail to the enemy fort. It is also advisable to hire a good gunner and first mate. Load the cannons with cannonballs, swim away beyond the reach of enemy guns and bomb the fort. For each destroyed weapon, 1000 experience points are given. Just have time to correct the characteristics of your character. One of the first abilities you get should be the ability to share experiences (this is almost at the very bottom of the list of abilities). Then your officers will grow with you.

3. If you have a lot of money and a good reputation, the events in the scenario will develop somewhat differently than if you go all at once and head-on. Therefore, it makes sense to first “pump up” money and experience, and only then apply to Governor Raymond.

Wish you luck.

Start the game and load the 3rd save record.
Enter the game and enter cheatgjlhjdf line 100000 will appear and press [ENTER] you will have 100000 piastres.

How to make money easily.
In the tavern, go to the hired officer and start talking to him. He will ask you if you need an officer. To which you will answer what you need and after which he will tell you for what price he will go to you. You must answer him: “Isn’t he asking a lot for himself.” Then the officer will drop the price by 200 gold. You can continue this way until he drops the price to 0, after which he will go into minus (that is, he will pay you to take him to you).

Open file Pirates of the caribbean / PROGRAM / Rumour_Data.c
Change all “active” to “passive” and save the file.
After that, your relations with a friendly country will not deteriorate if you attack their ships. Most suitable for boarding enthusiasts.
P.S. This works when you are attacking 1,2 or 3 ships. If you attack 4 ships, the relationship will still deteriorate.

If you have money in your pocket, then run straight to the Shipyard.
Buy yourself a battleship and supply the most expensive guns. Your ship will be cooler than any Manowars!

At the beginning of the game, after the pirate explains to you how to take items, he will invite you to test your capabilities with a saber. Agree! Even if you defeat him for the first time, continue to feint with him more and more until you get “LEVEL UP”. Yes, you won’t be able to earn much, but this is an easy way to rise to “LEVEL 1”

You can earn 2000 piastres for chatting with the priest (this operation can be carried out endlessly).
To do this, you need to go to the church on Redmond and talk to the priest and offer help (you need a good reputation to take the task). Sail on Oxbay to Greenfold Port. When you look into the local church, talk to the priest. He will deny, but he needs to be told that everything can be settled and you can “accidentally” lose letters. Then he pays 2000, but do not give the letters back and you can lower it again.

If you have a cool pistol, then enemies can only be soaked with it, and you can do it like this: shoot at the enemy, and then quickly save, go to the main menu and load the game, class, the weapon has already been reloaded, shoot and continue this procedure until you “soak” all enemies. GOOD LUCK!!

If you want to get experience quickly, then how do you take some ship to the abardage, drag all the valuables from it and sink it, you just need to sink it right away, press the abardage, I did this 30 times.

If you want to get some money, then my advice is what you need!
In all cities there is a moneylender, in some of them there is a chest without a lock next to the moneylender, so in this chest you need to put all your money that you take from the moneylender. You can take and put money from the moneylender until you have enough or get bored. After that, just give the moneylender the last money you took from him, take yours from the chest and go to spend it.

On Kebrados Kostilis (but I could be wrong) a certain type named Artois Voisier is attacked and if you save him he will offer to join your team. If you took trouble with him, you won’t turn around, but after these troubles, he will tell you where the treasure of 50 thousand piastres is buried, a lot and honestly. But only for pumped characters!

If at the beginning of a new game you do not take a spyglass as an object, then you will see everything as through the steepest (speed, than the guns are charged).
Want a lot of experience? Complete the quest with Artois and when you find the treasure, go to the Church of Redmond. There, talk to the clergyman and give him 4000 piastres (as Artois asked you), you will receive experience + reputation..

If you rent a room in a tavern for 5 pissars, you can find a more expensive item in the chest and sell it!

If you cannot get out of the captured fort or ship, then press the action key.

If you want to make money, then select the “Trustworthy” ability or something like that (somewhere below), and go to the store, there will be additional goods at astronomical prices. For example, you can buy 1500 tons of ebony in Isla Muel for ~ 20, and sell in Oxbey for 69. With first class, I earned no less than 20,000 in one trip.

1. If you have a quiet and unruly ship (eg Pinas), do not panic. As soon as pirates attack you, turn around astern to them and fire knipples so that they crawl like turtles. Boldly reduce your speed, load the cannons with bombs and start sinking the ship (the enemy ship cannot do anything with its bow guns, also watch that other ships do not attack you). If you sink a stronger enemy, then you will be given more experience.
2. Are you tired of pirates? Just enter sea mode as soon as you see them. When you return to the map mode, there will be no pirates.

The Highlander Sword can be found in the catacombs near Redmond, a four-barreled pistol on a sunken ship.

If you pump up a bunch of experience, then you can buy a ship for 300,000 piastres with 100 guns and you will be a thunderstorm of the oceans.

Easy Money.
Go to the moneylender and ask for a loan of money, then look for a chest in the house, put all the loot there and take the money from the moneylender again, put it back in the chest. You can do this until you get bored. When finished, take the money again, give it to him, and you can take everything from the chest.

In the catacombs on Oxbay you can find the sword “Dragon’s Tongue”.

If you have a bad reputation, then go to the church and give the padra a donation – your reputation will increase.

The double-barreled pistol can be found on Isla Moalier.
Exit the residence and turn right, run straight, right again and straight to the door, enter the house, go up to the second floor, go to the open locker and take the gun.

Isla Muelle has a large house to the left of the Governor’s building that contains a double-barreled pistol.

If you leave Oxbay and walk a little into the depths of the jungle, you can find an entrance to the cave (you can hear about it from the inhabitants of Oxbey), there will be many skeletons, but there you can find the Falchiton sword sticking out in a wooden post.

Lots of money and experience:
First, hire officers … about three…
Then go out to sea and look for pirate ships (or ships of the countries you are at war with) and engage in battle with them. You immediately take this ship on board and assign an officer to it … If there are still fellow travelers with this ship, then we do the same operation with them.
We got experience, now we need to get money…
We sail to an island, go to the shipyard and sell all the stolen ships. With this money we repair our ship, hire people and we still have…
After such long operations, we will be given the reputation of “Thunderstorm of the Seas”.

In the church of Redmond, after talking with Padra, you can start the quest about the satanic cult, at the end of which you can capture the red frigate “Mefisto” and the sword “Shkval”

If you want a lot of experience, then you need to buy a class 1 ship, put up cool cannons, load them with bombs, and then swim to a friendly fort and capture it (the first shot will have to be made manually – from 1 person). They will give 25,000 experience and gold, a certain amount of goods and repair the ship. Relationships can then be restored with diplomats.

In Duvezen’s tavern, you need to approach a young man (with a good reputation), complete (not very difficult), and at the end get a good sword.

Don’t forget to check the chests when you take the ship for repair? Are there several on each deck? and in each there is something, I did not immediately understand it :-)))

At the very beginning of the game, buy a telescope, go through the gate to Oxbay.
Go straight to the tree opposite the tavern, under it you can find 100 “rubles”.

If you are having trouble capturing the Fort in Greenfort (during the assault phase), you can do the following:
1. Capture Man-o-War Boarding.
2. Equip it with 12 gauge coolers (so that they can finish shooting).
3. Load a full hold of buckshot and boards.
4. To shell the fort with buckshot until an acceptable number of infantry inside (I thus managed to reduce the number of garrison to 10 people).
5. Finish the fort with bombs.
You do not need to take satellite ships with you (they can destroy the fort ahead of time).
You need the “Quick Fix” skill. It is desirable to have the skill “Professional in defense” and a gunner pumped to the maximum.

If you want to pump (only by trade) to a very high level, then you need 4 manovars and start making deals with merchants for 100,000-200,000 piastres. Thus, in a day you can pump up to about level 50.!

In the lighthouse (on Exbei), if you search well, you can find “Excellent telescope” (I’m sure).

(I may be wrong), but if you get a lot of experience, then Monawers will appear in the Shipyard.

You can easily get as much money as you need for free. To do this, you just need to go to the usurer, borrow money from him, and then give all the cash to one of your officers. A usurer WILL NOT REMEMBER what you borrowed from him if you do not have money. You can do this many times, and return the debt only for the last!

Want to make millions?
It’s not that hard, in some taverns, man go

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