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August 12, 2020
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By Jonny Gamer

Punch Club: Tips

So guys, this is the punch club guide. Hope it helps newbies to understand the game !

A portion of advice
1. Pump up endurance and strength. Dexterity is not necessary in principle, and if you pump these two parameters, you will be able to use hits that consume a lot of energy. (If you want to pump agility, swing).

2. If you met Roy, go to the gym with him. If you go to the gym with him, the effectiveness of training will increase..

Fall in love often with Adriana, Roy’s sister. (gives efficiency when trekking).

Spar with Silver (grants perk points, BUT a little)

Last but not least, NEVER take potions from the vendor (Walter White)

Hope helped.

The guide was written by LukoSpam3

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