Red Alert 2 – Yuri’s Revenge: Advice (Game Tips and Tactics)

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November 26, 2020
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By Jonny Gamer

Red Alert 2 – Yuri’s Revenge: Advice (Game Tips and Tactics)

Only the Russians have free infantry. It is necessary to build cloning tanks, and to enclose the barracks around with a wall. Then an infantryman will come out of the tanks, and in the barracks he will come out and go back and the money will be returned.

1. Capturing an enemy construction site allows you to gain access to a combination of technologies. Especially impressive:
* tank “apocalypse” in Yuri’s tank bunker;
* psi-warriors in the “mobile fortress” of the allies;
* “crazy Ivan” in the allies’ light typewriter;
* strike 3 types of superweapons in one point.
2. Spies cut off electricity, steal money, upgrade infantry or tanks, steal technology. They open access to such secret units as Horrocommandos, Psi-Commandos, Chrono Blaster.
3. Access to the special abilities of the nation gives the construction of a radar, air force command center or psi tower.
4. A new construction site cannot be built if you do not have a repair shop.
5. The fastest way to win is to destroy the construction site and the tank hangar at the same time.
6. Playing as Yuri, you can grind captured units into a resource using a meat grinder.
7. The cloning factory allows you to produce 2 Yuriev, 2 Borisov, 2 Tan.
8. Tesla fighters can boost the power of Tesla towers or keep them running without electricity. Tesla charges pass through walls.
9. Laser towers are capable of increasing the power of the shot being close to each other.
10. Chrono Legionnaires kill silently. The alarm does not rise.
11. A mined mechanical spider is capable of inflicting damage on multiple enemies.
12.16 aircraft are capable of destroying any structure, regardless of the organization of the air defense.
13. Airships simultaneously attacking from different directions do more damage and live longer.
14. Yuri’s machine-gun tanks in a tank bunker are more practical than machine-gun towers.
15. Yuri’s power plants can admit infantry to increase energy production.
16. A battle squid can be detached from the ship by a dolphin.
17. Chronosphere can be used as a weapon. Send enemy ground troops into the water or sea to land.
18. The Iron Curtain can be used as a weapon. Aim at enemy infantry.
18. Yuri’s anti-gravity tank is capable of dropping an enemy vehicle onto a structure or other unit.
19. Helicopters can transform into long-range weapons.
20. Flying saucers can steal not only electricity, but also money.

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