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April 7, 2020
26 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Risen 3: Titan Lords: Game Survival Tips

Tips by the game Risen 3: Titan Lords


  1. Basics of basics.
  2. How to fight…
  3. What to fight for…
  4. What to fight…
  5. Who to fight with…
  6. How I fought)
  7. P.S. Desires and sorrows, or where are you bugs (

There is a lot about R3 (Risen 3 Titan Lord), and that’s good. But mostly this is a description of legendary items, or a walkthrough with all the quests. There are maps with the placement of all instructors and so on. These tips will describe (in my opinion) the way of Munchkinism (all max out in full, without cheats), alas, without pictures and briefly (probably).

  1. Basics of basics

and. Never go alone.

In R3 there is always someone to take as a partner, always take someone who suits you according to your type of passage. From a partner, the glory for killing mobs does not change, and even if the partner killed a mob far from you, you will still get glory. This will make the process of passing many times easier..

b. Save often.

Especially at the beginning, preferably before each fight or trying to climb somewhere. Ditto before using theft or robbery. Upon death, upon discovery, you will lose 50 glory.

at. Don’t sell everything.

Yes, money is important, but some things are even more important. Be sure to leave earrings, rings, medallions. You can sell these things when you find the same ring but with a large parameter, i.e. gold ring +5 eloquence, then you came across a ring of Will +10 red, +5 threat, here the gold ring can be sold. In the 3rd chapter I will write more about this..

Herbs, ore, precious stones, drops from animals. Potions, spells, items are then made from them. In R3, only one statuette came in handy and the only time)

d. In the beginning, specialize in one thing..

Of course, by the end of the game we will become demons, but this is by the end and then climbing everywhere, and cleaning up everything. Therefore, one type of melee weapon, one type of ranged weapon, etc..

Pack your belongings correctly

You can do without it, but then looking back, you have to go through everything anew. Because I didn’t take what I needed right away.

e. The relief is my friend

Use the terrain in order to destroy mobs from a safe place or through the water, well, of course, this is effective for shooters and magicians, alas, the contactee is of little use with this. Although it happened a couple of times I had to shoot with a pistol while standing on the gossip. (I remembered the fourth place from “Stalker: Clear Sky”, with dogs)

2.How to fight…

The question is complex and very much depends on your preferences, as well as on the mechanics of the game itself.

There are 3 main types of attacks. Voodoo magic, I refer to other things, just an interesting trick, that’s all Voodoo) Also rune magic.

– Close combat –

The very first and most accessible type of attack. It is affected by the melee characteristic. Each point in the BB, gives +1 to all types of melee weapons (piercing, slashing, swords)

Pros: Cheap; The attack takes place on all types of mobs and NPCs; Easy to learn anywhere and for any faction.

Cons: Close contact is necessary (as you do not exercise, you will be hit 1 or 2 times); The block does not work against strong enemy attacks and magic; Incomprehensible system of inflicting damage * (swords, chopping, piercing) Inability to stop a strong swing.

And now, in general. At the beginning of the game, the most affordable way to kill mobs. During the game, 30-40 points in BB will be more than. By the end of the game, you need to raise to 60.

* What does the incomprehensible system of inflicting damage mean, it was about which melee weapon to use out of 3 types is not clear (The largest upper damage for the chopper, in R3 “Eye of the Kraken” 45-110, average for swords “Oath sword” 50-95 and the strongest lower damage threshold for the piercing “Thorn” is 55-90. And which of them does more damage in battle, I have not figured out, Therefore, download one kind. The most demanding to the characteristics of Melee is Swords the last level 3 of the skill requires 90 melee points.

The primary skills will be:

  • Skill of professional weapons (stabbing, cutting, swords) 500, 1000, 2000 g;
  • Parry 1000 g;
  • Blade Dance 1000 g.
  • Blacksmith 2000 (required to collect top weapons)
  • Then everything else

The very mechanics of the battle are simple, almost invoking the enemy. Only there are a number of nuances, each type of monsters and NPCs has its own system of attack and defense, put a block, waited until the enemy finished the attack and inflicted his own, or series. Try not to use strong blows, it takes time to charge them, and if there are 2 or more mobs, they call you on their own, without even giving you a blow. The same with golems, do not try to inflict more damage per hit, you need to knock down his attacks and slowly demolish HP.

Strong mobs and magicians, put on your block with a weapon, you just need to dodge them (double click on the aa, ss, dd key and no matter which way the main thing is fast)

If there are 2 or more mobs, pull one mob towards you, and let your partner take the rest, he will simply fall asleep from death until the end of the battle, but you are already until the end of the game (Why, again, is the advice to run with a partner, he is immortal, and for him treatment does not need him “Roma” pour. If all the same you are one, and there are a lot of mobs, then hit and dodge back, hit and again dodge, again the block is not effective because opponents will attack from the side and from behind. Well, or run to narrow passages and hold the defense there) And then “300 Spartans” rise from the hall, nod their heads approvingly.

– distant battle –

The people somehow do not speak very flatteringly about this attack, but went through both parts of R2, R3 as a shooter and somehow did not notice much tension, easier than a swordsman.

Pros: Ability to use terrain (especially in R2) in R3, mobs are very good at bypassing (jumping) obstacles; When dodging, the weapon still reloads !!! (i.e. fired 2 times, dodged, got the weapon back, reloaded and fire); Large aiming area, especially with shotguns; Critical Shot! (with a 25-30% chance with a fully yellow aiming scale, crit is almost 100% likely!) Quite easy to learn, in any faction. Universal cartridges. (Bullets for muskets and pistols, shot for shotguns and special pistols)

Cons: An expensive method of killing in the game (for 100 bullets / 100 g shot, without trading 200 g for 100 bullets). for all other types of attacks, money is not needed (melee, magic)) With an average development of the ranged combat characteristic and good / top weapons, you need from 500 to 1000 rounds to clear one island; Not all mobs are damaged (golems and a couple of bosses, in general, 5% of all mobs in the game); There is no way to use a block and is very useless in close combat; You cannot immediately attack several close-standing targets.

In my opinion, even considering that you need to buy ammunition, the most convenient and simple way to destroy all living and nonliving. And again, you need to decide what exactly you will swing, muskets or shotguns. I liked shotguns more, good damage and the ability to knock down the enemy’s attack, and throw him back a little. And with constant movement you will not miss much. 45 points to the ranged stat and 40 stamina, and you will have enough until the end of the game, but from 105 (max value of the stat) it will certainly be more fun.

Skills, primary:

  • Professional skill of weapons (musket, shotgun) 500, 1000, 2000;
  • Big game hunter 500 g;
  • Critical hit 500, 1000, 2000;
  • Gunsmith 2000 (small arms collection)
  • Hot trunks 4000 g (if you swing point-blank for long-range combat, then the skill is not critical, you can do without it at all)
  • Everything else (for crossbows and pistols, also one thing)

The battle scheme is even simpler than with melee battles. The worst thing for a shooter is sudden attacks or an unexpected meeting (i.e. ghouls jumping out of the sewers and night trips) You see a mob / mobs, they got a weapon, they came up to a full aiming circle and fire, if it did not immediately fall but ran to you, dodge back, and again a shot, and so on until you calm everyone down. And if the partner also makes easel, finally can be handsome. Alas, partners cannot be controlled in any way and places, or rather, almost always, they are stupid. The sight of the weapon is large, it is almost impossible to miss. Even without a special skill, the weapon reloads pretty quickly, any weapon has 2 shots, after which it automatically reloads. Those. about 2-3 seconds, dodge takes almost the same time)

Do not use ranged weapons for melee attacks, it is useless, you can kill a mob only if it has 1-2% HP left. It’s easier to use a pistol / crossbow to finish off the enemy. Ranged weapons have no way to defend against melee attacks, so just dodge or run back.

With the shooting of a group of mobs, it is also clear, we delay it one at a time and systematically shoot.

– Magic –

Good damage, the ability to feel like the father of the universe and just beautiful, but…

Pros: The most long-range attack in the game (even beyond the musket); There is no need to aim (wait for some scale to be filled); What is the paradox, does not require special weapons (staves, shmosakhs) and manna (my physical world has moved); Has two modes of use, ranged / melee; Average sustained damage; The ability to attack several nearby targets.

Cons: Impossible to learn at the beginning of the game, you need to reach at least the middle of the plot; The most expensive thing to study (requires magic crystals); The ability to fully explore in just one faction; A very small sight (it is very difficult to hit a moving small target) and if the target comes at close range and moves attacking you – finally shvakh (; Long cast of melee magic attack (they knock down your cast at once)

Most of all, people like to fight with magic, well, I’m not very much. Nice, yes. In some places, just yes. But …. you can’t learn at the beginning, so don’t even think about pumping the characteristics of magic and spirit at the beginning of the game. It is optimal to download these characteristics from the middle, from the 3rd chapter of the plot.

Skills, Primary, and Retreat:

There are relatively 3 types of magic in the game, but there will be one combat – Magic of crystals. Therefore, I will write skills for them, and then about steel:

  • Magic crystals 500, 1000, 2000 g;
  • Experienced magician 2000, 4000 g;
  • Wizard 2000;
  • Potion making 2000 g (very necessary, but not at the very beginning)
  • Alchemy 500, 1000, 2000 (controversial)
  • Farther:

Rune magic is learned only for demon hunters, and its main purpose is to strengthen the hunter and distract the enemy. Those. if you want to go through the game again with interest, you can safely study it and the skills associated with it.

Voodoo magic is also a kind of additional thing, I used it in the game only a couple of times, the most frequent use is “Parrot flight” and that’s it. You can, of course, weaken the enemy, but as long as you weaken him, it’s easier to kill him that way. Well, if you have free money, then go ahead.

Fight with magic, beautiful, and powerful. Especially the scrolls. But playing with scrolls is very expensive, and no one canceled the caste. Therefore, let’s talk about the magic of crystals and gloves, after joining the faction of magicians (guards), you can choose 3 different gloves and for them your spells (but they differ only visually and by the element of damage, but there is no damage themselves, i.e. 50 damage units applies any glove) Take any 2, because some mobs have immunity against one element or another.

Because There is no need to wait for aiming, we approach the shot distance and shoot, if we did not manage to kill at a distance, 2-3 meters from the character, we stop aiming and use melee magic or dodge. It is important that melee magic takes 3-4 seconds, and mobs very quickly knock down the cast, especially when there are several of them, so melee magic must be cast at some distance from the mobs.

Do not sell magic crystals and do not use them to craft scrolls, first study everything that is possible, and only then if crystals remain, you can sell or create things. The same applies to ancient knowledge, do not sell it until you select a faction

3. What to fight for…

Since we want to become the coolest, do not raise the characteristics with special herbs, by +2 to the characteristics. With these herbs, you can brew a potion for +5 to characteristics. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that using potions to increase characteristics increases the pumping of this characteristic with glory. If you had 20 melee points and raising it by +5 will cost 2000 fame, and you used a +5 melee potion, and you have 25 melee, then, accordingly, to raise it to 30 now, you already need 3000 fame … So pumping characteristics with potions is needed only at the last stages of development. I pumped out all the characteristics up to 60 points, and I received all the other 45 points with potions, and by the end of the game all my characteristics were 105) This is if you find all the arts and all the special herbs characteristics.

Next, consider the rest of the characteristics and their skills..

* Influence (Speech and Intimidation)

* Endurance (Indestructible, Penetration, Resistance)

* Agility (picking locks, pickpocketing)

* Spirit (Alchemy, Astral Vision)

Although all these characteristics do not affect the combat process, they greatly improve our life..

Primary endurance skills:

  • Doctor 500, 1000, 1500, 2000, 4000 (+10 hp per level);
  • Liquid courage 500 g (controversial);
  • Distiller 2000;
  • Drunkenness 2000 g, 4000 g (it is necessary but closer to the middle, the end of the game)
  • Resistance 500, 1000, 2000 (debatable, in the game only 15% of mobs use magic)
  • Penetration resistance 2000 g, 4000 g (by the end of the game)
  • Unbreakable 2000 g, 4000 g (by the end of the game)
  • Indestructible 4000 g (controversial and also by the end of the game)

Hunting skills are a very useful thing and at the beginning you need to study it, because you will be left without money and trophies from mobs

  • Horn collection 1000 g
  • Tearing out claws 1000 g
  • Collection of teeth 500 g.
  • Freshness 1000 g.
  • Collecting trophies 1000 g.
  • Prospector 500 g.
  • The rest are useless and for an amateur

And of course dishonorable skills, or “who does not steal, sucks his paw”

  • Sneaking in 1000 (without it, you won’t go home at night)
  • Monkey trainer 1000 g.
  • Burglar 500 g, 1000 g, 2000 g
  • Merchant 500 g, 1000 g, 2000 g (15% discount on purchase, and only with it)
  • Eloquence 500 g, 1000 g, 2000 g (controversial)
  • The rest of the “Experienced Thief” increases pickpocketing, it is useless, because pickpocketing always happens with some chance, it is easier to save and boot once again, if you do not succeed in skimming right away.

Money rules in the world of R3 too, magic in the world has not changed anything. We will always need money. If in most games to get a skill or gadgets you need experience or some kind of special thread. ether, then in Risen 1,2,3 everything is simple – money. Characteristics improve for fame, but skills are acquired either through a story quest (just a couple), or bought for money and that’s the only way. Therefore, in order not to waste money, think about what you need first of all and what skills you need to improve your financial position..

Attention!!! I will list what you shouldn’t sell.

  1. Herbs (especially heroic, giving +2 per stat) Herbs are needed to create potions. It is useless to heal with bare herbs, too little increase in hp, it is easier with provisions. And they are sold for next to nothing.
  2. Sugar. Needed to create all spirits (Rum, Grog, Painkillers) And these are your only cans with HP.
  3. Recipes (any). You can only sell duplicate.
  4. Diagrams of earrings, rings, amulets. Sell ​​only similar.
  5. Ore (iron, gold, jade, magic crystals, ancient knowledge). Well, in principle, having 20-30 units of each material will be enough, except for magic crystals, they must be protected. In the future, there will be a quest from a blacksmith on Calador, where he asks for ore, and is ready to buy an unlimited amount of it, I sold everything, and then I did not know where to get ore for crafting weapons, traders do not sell it, another paradox, EPT. In general, a part can be given or sold, but always have a stock.
  6. Raw fish (40 pcs.) The rest can be overcooked for food. Also a quest on Calador from a hunter near a destroyed bridge, he asks to bring him raw fish, gives money and fame, it is a pity that he does not accept more than 40 pieces (
  7. Rings, earrings, amulets. Only similar or when a more powerful item appears. If there are two rings, one for +5 eloquence, and then you find eloquence at +10 (but also only a ring), then the first one can be safely sold. Because if we need to max out some skill, then we put all the rings, earrings, amulets on + to this skill.
  8. Weapons that can be crafted in the future, if you need them, especially for pieces of top-end weapons, which cost 800-1000 g.If you collected a weapon and its cost is 800-10000 then you have the best weapon in the game.
  9. Some of the trophies from mobs. In the future, you can make rings, earrings, amulets from them, not everything.
  10. Things that can be realized through quests, but here it is already necessary to read the guides, I just list them all for scrap, and I don’t remember. (for example, all sorts of quartz crystals, like another weapon of shadows, etc.)
  11. The spell scrolls are very selective. The most useful thing is treatment. And the flight of a parrot. I didn’t use the rest more times.
  12. Black Heart of Shadow Lord and Monkey Skull !!! (bring down neutral animals, for this you will not get anything) then from these two ingredients you will get a Pure Heart giving +10 hp.
  13. Potions from which you will make stat boosting potions, therefore, until you find all the recipes: 8 pieces, do not sell much potions.

Now what can you sell:

  • Gold items are all (never useful)
  • Silver items (you need to watch quests, somewhere there was a sale of silver items)
  • Weakest weapons and ammunition, or what you don’t use
  • Part of the trophies from mobs that are not needed to create things.
  • Provisions, tableware, tools (except 1 shovel and 1 pickaxe, 1 bone saw, 1 lockpick)
  • Books that are no longer needed by the plot.
  • Some of the potions, only those that you don’t need (for example, all sorts of views on finding weapons, undead and other things, like everyone has eyes)

There are enough ways to raise money in the game. They can also be listed:

and. Completing quests and selling items required specifically for the quest (raw fish, silver, iron ore, etc.).

b. Selling drops from mobs (see above, do not sell everything)

at. Theft and pickpocketing. There are very few places where you can be set on fire and punished for stealing, and the maximum that you are threatened with for this is -50 fame. So we study Sneak and take whatever we can. With pickpocketing, it is still easier, there is always a chance to steal, just saved before trying and try until you succeed. (you can skip the pickpocketing skill at all, it’s useless)

d. Participation in all mini-games. They are not complicated and can be saved before each attempt. The simplest thing is arm wrestling.

e. Crawl into all sorts of inaccessible places and hills. There will definitely be something, it is a pity that there are mostly small things, then 10 coins, then a bag of gold, then a golden mask. Use your monkey where there are monkeys. Do not regret using the “Astral Gaze”, especially if you are playing for the first time, you will find many hidden places.

e. Craft items, brew potions. But everything is not so rosy here. It has somehow arrived to cook potions, but creating things is not always the case. Calculate the cost of the necessary components for crafting, sometimes it is easier to sell the components separately than to create an item. Example: You need to create the “Rain of Fire” scroll, it costs 100g, but to create it you need: Ruby 150g + magic stone 15g + 20g = 195g. creating a scroll for sale is not profitable.

There are of course a couple more options, like a special companion and so on, but this is already.

4. What to fight…

The specifics of the game are based on various types of weapons and ammunition. Naturally, it’s easier to fight with the best weapons and the best armor, but alas, it’s not that simple. There is one pleasant plus in the entire Risen series, for any things – weapons, armor, magic, no level or parameter requirements are required. Those. we can take the best front sight at the beginning of the game and nothing will interfere with us, well, of course, it will not shoot as efficiently, but you can also use it with initial stats.

But with armor it is more difficult, it is very rarely possible to buy it (normal), and it opens only after the story passage. The same is with magic, it opens on a story quest (excluding scrolls).

With what to fight, decide for yourself, who is more comfortable. And you specialize in one thing, if a piercing weapon, then swing it, if pistols, then again develop them, and sell crossbows and throwing knives.

In order for you to know what to equalize, I will describe the top weapon (I will not describe the armor, because it depends on the selected faction):

Chopping: “Eye of the Kraken” 45-110 1000 g, assembled, not very difficult to find;

Stabbing “Thorn” 55-90 1000 g, going, not very difficult to assemble;

Swords: “Oath sword” 50-95 780 (more powerful than a sword in 1000), located somewhere)

Muskets “Deliverer” 70 +5 muskets, +5 crit 1000, located at the very end of the game, on Skull Island. Easier to use “Spirit Musket” 70 +5 crit 780, upgraded from, can be crafted mid-game.

Guns “Wolf’s Jaw” 8-80 +5 guns, +5 crit 1000 g, upgraded from another, can be collected at the beginning of the game on Calador. Therefore, the whole game with him and passed.

Pistols “Executioner” 60 +5 pistols, +5 crit, 800 g. To be somewhere.

Crossbows: “Double crossbow” 60 +5 crossbows, +5 crit 800 g.

5.Who to fight with…

There are enough creatures in the game, let’s divide them according to the glory received, and I’ll tell you about some of them:

50 glory – the weakest mobs in the game (spiders, piscarias, etc.) are dangerous only in a flock or if there are stronger mobs nearby.

100 glory – already stronger opponents, the most dangerous are the lynx, jaguar, ghoul (especially when you run into them unexpectedly), be careful. They are still dangerous in the amount of 3-4, this applies to the warriors of the shadows and the undead. The rest of the mobs for 100 fame are not so stressful.

200 glory are strong opponents. You should be afraid of “Varanov” because there can be 2-3 of them on the beach next to each other. !Very dangerous! “Guard of the shadows” 2-3 instant hits and you are not, the block does not help, the best option is to shoot from a distance, and when the guard approaches, dodge / run away. (stronger than some mobs for 400 renown)

400 glory are terrible opponents. “Eater of Souls” is very fast, tenacious, with powerful damage (to fight with only one such opponent, preferably shoot, or aggro on a partner). “Lindworm” is a flying small dragon, spits fire (God forbid you to get under his attacks), quickly moves, tenacious, special fire attack. The most optimal way, the same shot, dodged, shot, dodged, in general, do not stop. “Lord of Shadows” is not very fast, medium survivability, attacks are not so fast, in my opinion they are easier than the two previous opponents. But don’t relax either. “Golems” are of different types, resistant to ranged weapons, and some types of magic, very tenacious and have a good attack, only very slow. Fight with melee weapons (magic) do not inflict great damage on him with strong attacks, try to knock down the attacks of the golem.

Well, you need to deal with bosses in your own way, usually with almost all your special battle.

6. How I fought)

After completing the game several times, I think that the method that I will describe will be the most optimal (in my humble opinion). Yes, and I did not try for the sake of passing, but in order to become the most, the most (Hello to Serious Sam)

After we are killed, and we are resurrected on the “Crab Coast”, we collect everything that lies next to the grave, talk to our partner and find out the coordinates of all the islands.

The first island I think is better to visit “Antigua”. The island is not large and there are many initial and simple quests. We meet a peasant near the coast, we take him to the city, killing the hell hounds. Then we take the quest for these chasers from the mayor, in general we take all the quests that are solved within the city. We study “Sneaking” from the instructor and buy a master key. We clean all houses and adjacent territories, again near the city. Also in the city we find two artifacts for +5 agility “Bone phalanx”, and for +5 melee “Glass Sword” (look in the internet where to find them) When you complete quests in the city, sell all unnecessary trash, in principle, for now, for “Antigua” everything. It is desirable to learn 1 level of trade.

Then we sail to Calador. On the shore we meet a man, he leads to the fishing village. We steal everything, and with the guards we go to the citadel of demon hunters, again we are all communed. We return the letter to the blacksmith. In one of the passages to the upper floor of the citadel, on the table we find an artifact for +10 crit. And without doing anything else we go to the tavern, to the left of the citadel. There, near the exit from the tavern, Mason is on guard. We use pickpocketing, it takes as much as 120 points, but even with our 20, attempts from 5-10 it turns out to cut his “Dragon Flame”, which then improves into “Wolf Jaw” (the most powerful shotgun in the game).

Then we sail to the island of magicians “Taranis”. We do not complete quests there! In the port between the two warehouses there will be a liana, we climb onto the shelf under the roof and take a shotgun (which can be improved). At the exit from the port, at the gate we meet the guard and we pass with him to the city of magicians. In the city of magicians, we communicate everything that lies badly, there is a lot of things on the roofs of houses, unfortunately without “Parrot Flight” you will not get to the roofs. We study the “Gunsmith” skill (assembly of ranged weapons) from the gunsmith and improve our “Dragon Flame” to “Wolf’s Jaw”. Then we go to the city of gnomes, higher and slightly to the left, the city of magicians. In the city of gnomes we study the “Prospector” and now with the coolest shotgun and the Prospector skill we are sailing to the Misty Island. You should already have 300 fractions and at least 4000-5000 gold.

On the Misty Island, we help Venturo find his friend and we find ourselves with him in the camp of the Inquisition. After that Venturo teaches you hunting skills, we study everything and Big Game Hunter. After that we take all the quests from the elder in the camp. Further, be sure! we will have to go to the authorized ship. To the left and below the camp of the Inquisition, there we will find the artifact of Freddie’s Shackle (+ 10% for the glory) and now you can begin to bring down mobs, collect drops from them and complete quests. When you’re done on Misty Island … Do what you want, with Wolf’s Jaw I finished the game.

* (repeat) Since we want to become the coolest, do not raise the characteristics with special herbs, by +2 to the characteristics. With these herbs, you can brew a potion for +5 to characteristics. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that using potions to increase characteristics increases the pumping of this characteristic with glory. If you had 20 melee points and raising it by +5 will cost 2000 fame, and you used a +5 melee potion, and you have 25 melee, then, accordingly, to raise it to 30 now, you already need 3000 fame … So pumping characteristics with potions is needed only at the last stages of development. I pumped out all the characteristics up to 60 points, and I received all the other 45 points with potions, and by the end of the game all my characteristics were 105) This is if you find all the arts and all the special herbs characteristics.

7.P.S. Desires and sorrows, or where are you bugs (

I wrote at the beginning of the guide, save more often, there is another reason for that. These are not very nice bugs, they are few, but they are.

When you fight the final stage 3 of the sea monster, after defeating it, you find yourself in “paradise” (or * hell, nothing can be done, you stand like an idol and that’s all), this bug is solved only by loading from an earlier save, i.e. e. loaded the game a little earlier, walked a little around the island, and then we try to kill the boss again, helps.

Then there is one of the quests where you need to find someone but he is not (The same thing we reboot before the quest, and again try.

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