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February 20, 2020
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Below you can find a list of absolutely all cities from the Barbarian Invasion add-on company in Russian and English. To find the desired city, I advise you to use the combination Ctrl + F


{Caledonia} Caledonia {Caledonica} Caledonica {Dal_Raida} Dal-Raida {Tribus_Saxones} Saxon land {Barbaricorum} Barbaricor {Vicus_Saxones} Saxon settlement {Locus_Barbaricum} Barbaric land {Barbaricorum} Barbarian_Barbaricus land {Campus_Campus} Barbaricor_Campus Scythian {Campus_Alanni} Alania {Tribus_Sakae} Land of Sakas {Barbaricorum} Barbarikor {Campus_Sakae} Sakia {Hibernia} Hibernia {Hibernica} Hybernica {Tara} Tara {Britannia_Inferior} Lower Britain {Victrix} Land of the Saks {Eburacum} Land of the Victrix {Eburacum} } Barbaricor {Campus_Sarmatae} Sarmatia {Britannia_Superior} Upper Britain {Britannica} Britannica {Londinium} Londinium {Tribus_Burgundii} Burgundian lands {Barbaricorum} Barbaricor {Campus_Burgundii} Barbaricor settlement {Campus_Burgundii} Barbaricor settlement {Campus_Burgundii} Barbaricor settlement {Campus_Burgundii} Burgundian settlement {Tribor_Valus} Frisian Lands {Barbaricorum} Barbarikor {Campus_Frisii} Frisian Settlement {Tribus_Chattii} Land Hutts {Barbaricorum} Barbarikor {Campus_Chattii} Hutt Settlement {Tribus_Lombardi} Pawnshop Lands {Barbaricorum} Barbaricor {Campus_Lombardi} Pawnshops Settlement {Germania_Inferior} Lower Germany {Minervia} Agribrippia {Colonia_Agriparius} Settlement of the Franks {Sarmatia} Sarmatia {Barbaricorum} Barbaricor {Vicus_Sarmatae} Settlement of the Sarmatians {Belgica} Belgica {Gallicana} Gallican {Samarobriva} Samarobriva {Tribus_Marcomanni} Marcomannox Lands {Barbaricornius_Robaricomans} Lands of the Marcomannians {Campus_Roxolani} Settlement of the Roxolans {Germania_Superior} Upper Germany {Primigenia} Primigenia {Augusta_Treverorum} August Treverorum {Lugdinensis} Lugdunia {Flavia_Gallicana} Flavia Gallicana {Lugdunum} Lugduni_Aemorian_Earth {Tribus} quads {Barbaricorum} Barbaricor {Campus_Quaddi} Quads settlement {Tribus_Iazyges} Yazig land {Barbaricorum} Barbaricor {Campus_Iazyges} Yazig settlement {Dacia} Dacia {Gemina} Gemina {Colonia_Dacia} Colonia_Dacia} Colonia_Dacia} Colonia_Dacia_Augustus Vineyard {Colonia_Dacia] {Noricum} Noric {Pia_Italica} Pia Italica {Carnuntum} Carnunt {Pannonia} Pannonia {Adiutrix} Adiutrix {Aquincum} Aquincum {Aquitania} Aquitaine {Gallicana} Gallicana {Burdigala} Burdigala {Colchis} Colchisis {Apollina} Apollo Atropatene} Atropatena {Parthica} Parfica {Phraaspa} Fraaspa {Alpes_Maritimae_et_Cottinae} Maritime and Cotti Alps {Iulia_Alpina} Iulia Alpina {Massilia} Massilia {Aemilia_et_Liguria} Emilia and Itolianica {Itolianica} Italicia {Itolianica} Italy and Liguria {Itolianica} Italy and Liguria {Itolianica} Ravenna} Ravenna {Illyricum_et_Dalmatia} Illyricum and Dalmatia {Illyricorum} Illyricorum {Salona} Salona {Thracia} Thrace {Claudia_Pia_Fidelis} Claudia Pia Fidelis {C onstantinople} Constantinople {Taraconensis} Taraconensis {Gemina} Gemina {Tarraco} Tarracon {Narbonensis} Narbonia {Flavia_Martis} Flavia Martis {Arles} Arles {Armenia} Armenia {Armeniaca} Armeniaka {Artaxarta} Artaxarta {Flavia} Felicia Felicia {Artaxarta} Sirmium} Sirmium {Cappadocia} Cappadocia {Fulminata} Fulminata {Caesarea} Caesarea {Northern_Italy} Northern Italy {Italica} Italica {Rome} Rome {Media} Media {Parthica} Parfica {Arsakia} Arsakia {Pontus_et_Bithynia} Pontus and Bithynia {Sinope} Sinope {Carthaginiensis} Carthaginia {Hispana} Hispana {Carthago_Nova} New Carthage {Lusitania} Lusitania {Hispana} Hispana {Salamantica} Salamantika {Sardinia} Sardinia {Sardinica} Sardinica {Caraldace} Caraedonica {Macedonia} Macedonia {Macedonia} Macedonia {Macedonia} Thessalonica} Thessaloniki {Galatia} Galatia {Galatiae} Galatia {Ancyra} Ankyra {Southern_Italy} Southern Italy {Italica} Italica {Tarentum} Tarentum {Assyria} Assyria {Parthica} Parthica {Hatra} Hatra {Baetica} Betika {H ispana} Spain {Corduba} Corduba {Achaea} Achaea {Gemina} Gemina {Athens} Athens {Asiana} Asiana {Asianae} Asianae {Ephesus} Ephesus {Cilicia_et_Lycia} Cilicia and Lycia {Isaura} Isaur {Tarsus} Tarsavil {Babylonia} Parthica} Parfica {Ctesiphon} Ctesiphon {Syria_Coele} Kelesiria {Flavia_Firma} Flavia Firm {Antioch} Antioch {Sicilia} Sicily {Siciliae} Sicily {Syracuse} Syracuse {Arabia_Inferior} Arabia {Arabia_Inferior} Arabia {Arabia_Inferior} Arabia {Arabia_Inferior} Arabia {Arabia_Inferior} Arabia {Arabia_Inferior} Arabia Mauretanica} Mauritanica {Tingi} Tingyus {Cyprus} Cyprus {Cyprica} Cypriot {Salamis} Salamis {Phenicia} Phenicia {Gallicia} Gallicia {Sidon} Sidon {Africa} Africa {Augusta} August {Carthage} Carthage {Creta} Crete {Cretae} Crete {Kydonia} Kydonia {Palaestina} Palestine {Palaestinae} Palestine {Jerusalem} Jerusalem {Arabia_Superior} Upper Arabia {Ferrata} Ferrata {Philadelphaea} Philadelphia {Nabataea} Nabbatea {Nabatae} Nabeteya {Petra} Sahara {Sahara} Africa {Sahaar {Dimmidi} Dimmidius {Tripolitania} Tripolitan ia {Flavia_Salutis} Flavia Salutis {Lepcis_Magna} Leptis Magna {Aegyptus} Egypt {Traiana} Traiana {Alexandria} Alexandria {Cyrenaica} Cyrenaica {Cyrenaica} Cyrenaica {Cyrene} Cyrene 

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