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July 28, 2020
5 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

The Bard’s Tale: Walkthrough Tips

I will summarize, trying to keep the chronological order.
Save often, since there is plenty of such an opportunity, despite the “console” nature of the game.
Try to save before every dialogue between the Bard and others. Thus, you can discover alternative options for quests and rewards..

Pumping. At the beginning of the game, I advise you to give preference to endurance, agility, and a sense of rhythm from the main parameters. Then you can swing luck, strength. Please note that the growth of all skills is limited to 20, and a couple of dozen artifacts are hidden in the game world that improve them (although my luck was pumped by an artifact to the 21st). Those. do not immediately swing any of the skills to the limit. Accordingly, at first, from the talents, it is worth giving preference to possession of a bow, a critical strike (+ improved), then a powerful shot and a triple shot.
Archery is not very convenient, but will allow the bard to repeatedly avoid death at the beginning of the game.
Towards the end of the game (after passing the second tower) it makes sense to upgrade skills associated with two-handed weapons, because quest weapons with the highest damage belong to this class.
PS A good place to level up and enrich your character is Finstown. But it’s dangerous to go there early. Walking trees and necro-cattle also give a lot of experience. It is unlikely to rise above level 21.

Equipment, money. It doesn’t always make sense to spend money on the most expensive inventory, because in the course of the game you will constantly get more effective weapons, armor and game tools for free (!) (especially if you are careful). It makes sense to buy the best bow in Finstown, the flute and the best armor in Stromness. To get rich, first activate the quest for breaking barrels in Hooton. To do this, smash barrels throughout the city. There are a lot of barrels in Kirkwall … Barrels respawn when changing locations.
After passing the 2nd tower, the barrel business, alas, will exhaust itself.
A lot of money and artifacts are given by hidden areas and lost towers. To find them, do not skimp on the purchase of cards. The first is for sale in Hooton. Already 4 carries a traw that periodically appears on the world map (you need to catch up with him).

Satellites. Different summons are useful depending on the situation. If you carefully comb the terrain, you will get improved variants of creatures that are much more effective. So for example, the relatively useless Light Fairy, which goes to Kirkwall, after “pumping” becomes almost irreplaceable and periodically blinds all enemies in the field of view. When traveling through old towers and dungeons, the Burglar is extremely useful, who, in addition to disabling traps, can also find secret rooms (and collects loot for you, grumbling a little). The improved Mercenary, Rat, Big Man have the maximum damage from companions. Behemoth is effective against bosses, but dies quickly. Call a rat more often, women and even some Vikings are afraid of it). The rat is also very effective against monks..

Passing. Try to search all corners. You can find many interesting things. The main quest did not cause any significant difficulties for me. The slightest bit of ingenuity – and everything will work out, tk. intuitive. Again, don’t try to overwhelm slow enemies in melee – use the bow, avoiding unnecessary loading from the save location. Do not forget about the artifacts that bosses give – they can help out in emergency situations. In places with “lights”, when you cannot use creatures, rely on the bow and the dog (you need training talent), switching to melee weapons if necessary. In Finstown, in order to rid the city of the Vikings, you must start by infiltrating the arsenal. I advise you to be sure to save on the 12th level of the main tower and try all 3 options for the ending of the game.

Bosses. The bosses on the tops of the first two towers are quickly killed with a bow with the participation of “conscripts”. In the case of the holder of the third tower, you will have to run from the natural disasters cast by him. The Stukanets, the Mercenary and two-handed weapons will help the head monk fight the flying animal. The fight with Finnaoh is lengthy, but does not require a specific approach – experiment. In the case of Kaleich, you have to be careful. First, do not summon male creatures, as they will immediately succumb to her charms and trample against the Bard. Paradoxically, but in the fight against her, her own artifact mainly helps out (I advise you not to skimp on crystals).

Perhaps this is all that I wanted to tell.
Have a good game!
Kharlampy Tungel

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