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December 3, 2020
3 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Unreal Tournament 3: Tips and Tactics for the Game

This secret is for those who do not like entering codes in the console..
In short, open the User.ini file (it is located in the System folder of the game directory).
Find the following lines there:
0 = SwitchWeapon 0
1 = SwitchWeapon 1
2 = SwitchWeapon 2
3 = SwitchWeapon 3
4 = SwitchWeapon 4
5 = SwitchWeapon 5
6 = SwitchWeapon 6
7 = SwitchWeapon 7
8 = SwitchWeapon 8
9 = SwitchWeapon 9
These numbers, up to the = sign, denote buttons 1,2,3,4…
And what is after =, action.
If you replace like this:
0 =
1 = god
2 = loaded
3 =
4 =
5 =
6 =
7 =
8 =
9 =
now if you press 1 you will be in God mode, and if you press 2 you will have all the weapons and all the ammo.

In principle, you can write any code there..

In UT you can throw spiders at cars.
And when the enemy is next to the transport, the spiders jump off. I managed to throw 4 points on Scorpio, and up to 2 on Mantoux.
P.S. throwing spiders onto a Tank or Jeep will not work.

On the last level, in a duel with Malcolm, you can easily defeat a difficult opponent. He is very strong and fast, jumps a lot, it is very difficult to hit him. But he is as bad as a cork. All you need to do is kill him at least once. Then run around the arena, collect protection, life, and when he finds you, you jump somewhere else. He will jump after you, and, probably, will fall. If you see that he does not fall, then shoot him. It will fall down…

At the last level, you can do even easier: do not wet it at all, but hide somewhere. He jumps around the ship so briskly that sometimes he himself jumps into open space. Therefore, by the end of the round, the score is 0: -1 or even 0: -2 in your favor. Better to hide at the very top behind the side ledges, although he jumps up, he does not run a lot. And to engage in battle with him is suicide, until you soak him once, he will have time for you ten.

If you have gained 100% adrenaline, then it is not in vain that you can use it profitably – pressing forward twice will cause an acceleration, which will help you dodge opponents, but if you two times back, an increase will be caused; in the case of a game not for passing twice to the left -> decrease, twice to the right, you will not be visible to bots, if you do not shoot, but if you are motionless, then real players may not notice you.

Tips only on how to kill Malcolm…
And for me, Malcolm was not difficult at all. Yes, he is bad and he jumps a lot, but he killed me only 2 times … I don’t know that you can’t do that there…
I will give one little advice:
If you have a sniper rifle in your hands, then do not try to shoot on the go, in order to take off the head of the enemy, it is better to sit down for the duration of the shot and it becomes easier, more convenient to shoot … But if it does not work out right away, do not be upset, it takes time to train your hand and fingers…

Malcolm is not a beast, but spoils his nerves: he has + 50% damage to the enemy and about 30% damage to himself. For those who have problems: you need to kill 1 time, then run to the lower compartment of the ship, go out to the area with three bottles of health and carefully jump under it. There he is guaranteed not to find you.

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