Cursed Lands: Council (Tips and Tactics for the game)

The easiest way to “neutralize” a curse:
For all free experience, raise the magic of the astral plane, create several healing spells (max. Powerful, etc.), if desired, you can create a healing wand. Then go to the curse with the magician and heal him 🙂
The magician will deal with him himself.
Good luck!

Defeating the curse is easy.
You just need to impose a boost and acceleration on the mage. And then heal.

On Gipata, in the tunnel, you can rob a golem that killed the lava elementals. True, for this you need to have a very powerful robbery skill. Golem keeps a very expensive and valuable diamond!

And on Suslanger, in a tiny cave north of the tower of the disgraced necromancer, there are Shadows – only three for the whole game (not counting the network).

Despite advice like “weaken the curse”, it’s best not to. Otherwise, it will immediately turn its attention to you. Better strengthen the Mage and heal him.

As for the curse, everything is simple, you just need to shoot once from a crossbow at it, and then run away from the curse that pursues you, while the magician will wet him and that’s it.

Kill your partner before entering Jun’s Girl’s hideout. You can’t take him to Gipat. After killing him, you will receive armor and weapons. They can be sold.

Very good thing staves healer.
Collect the staff and put into it the magic of healing with the Pp rune, and at the moment when you are beaten, the staff automatically heals you 🙂 If there are 4 staffs, then you are almost invincible! Another very good thing for a tank is regeneration of level 3 + staff with a regeneration spell with an effect of at least 28-32! If you have 1 regeneration staff + level 3 regeneration + 3 healing staff = IMMORTALITY (verified by the author, believe my experience, I have been playing PZ since its inception)

It’s easy to play this game by creating an auto-healing wand (or several at once). Verified.

It is a good idea to invest a weakening in a sword (Ax for ax …), and in a bow (crossbow) a strengthening with a permanent effect (as soon as you pick it up, an increase in strength is immediately applied to you and the damage from the bow is doubled)
p.s. No magnification will be applied to the enemy (tested, works)

Explain to the lamer why there is reinforcement in the ax? Does the armor of a good knight or the ancient sword teach nothing? Helmet – healing, cuirass – strengthening, greaves – healing, chain mail – strengthening, chain mail pants – healing, boots – eagle’s eye, gloves – night vision (all with runes to increase the duration or increase the effect), ax – weakening + enemies + additional. targets, bow (crossbow) – similarly. On Ingos, for steel and experience, kill all the foresters of all clans. Steel will be for the most tomatoes. On Susle – completely clean out the cave – methiorite iron is enough for the first time. Moving from level to level – section of allies – and to the magician, why bring them down, that we are animals or what? And if the toad does not strangle, share experience with the team – the standard three: 1. fighter – 2. sniper (archer / crossbowman) – 3. stupid doctor / magician (who can only heal and can and walks without a weapon). The last two are consumables.

After typing thingamabob in the console, you can type @givestrength (0, 999) – (increase in strength) your hero will become a few millimeters larger and if you gain 10 minutes like this, he will become larger than that curse, although he will move as if his legs are broken.

For those who play without codes.
You should not take your partners with you, because all the experience gained will be shared among all, depending on the mind. I went through the whole game alone and already on Gipat I was trained 3 levels of backstabbing and 2 levels of a spear, as well as 1 – strength. At the end of the game, I was just a god. The only ones who could kill me were the shadows on Suslanger.

How to disable SECOND CIRCLE traps!
There are 2 key keepers. One stands near the altar at the north bridge, the other near the altar at the WEST. THE KEY IS ONLY AT THE WESTERN. You will see them with the help of the CLARE VISION spell, you will exterminate them with the DENSE spell with a range of 150m. If you attack the wrong one IS NOT SCARY!

On Gipat, on a frozen lake, you can find the Lightning spell.

Archers, foresters and other ranged opponents urinate best from a bow. Against wormworms, success is doubtful. Against melee opponents, it is good only with a high shooting skill, otherwise it is better not to use.

The easiest way to kill a curse is:
You strengthen the healing spell to the maximum, and then you just stand and heal the mage. It’s simple.

After completing the quest ‘The Grateful Lizards’ on Gipata, you will receive the quest ‘Treasures of the Lizards’. After completing this task, you will find 2 green dragon bones. These bones are unusual. Each time they enter the Sands, they add 2 more such bones. You can make good money on this.

The magician’s treatment certainly helps, but not cool. Here are 4 healing staffs are a thing.

To kill the Unhurried Black Troll in the Dead City, you need to hit from the back of the 2nd level, and then hit the troll in the head (checked, works)!

If you do not refuse the task of the Golden Valley, but crawl there, then in one of the chests you can find an Ancient Helmet (Armor 10.0, spell eagle eye).

To take the basis of LIGHTNING on a frozen lake on Gipat, you do not have to kill the elemental that blocks the path or have a great sleight of hand skill. Become the edge of the corridor and fireworks “drive” the elemental past you into the corridor and calmly run out of the trap.

To kill the Guardsmen you need: 3rd level blow from the back, you need to sneak up on him from behind and hit him in the head from behind. Checked works. The magician’s guardsman can be deprived of the ability to conjure forever if you put Dementia on him.

The demon on Gipat in the “Sands” can be lured to the orcs, who will kill him.

Play without helpers with one hero (experience only for you).
I read here that you can kill guardsmen with only 3 skill of blowing from the back of a fufny. Melee skill 70, backstab level 2 and EVERYTHING, the guards are not a hindrance to you. At the end of the game, I was like GOD, killed whoever you want, scored almost all the guards on Suslanger and I had 27 Meteorite extra and 53 million money (I say right away, kill the guards just for the sake of experience, money is not needed) The curse can be overwhelmed like this: you make yourself a crossbow and put paralysis into it, and make a couple of staffs with it, that’s the whole secret.

On Ingos, you can make your life much easier by doing a little meanness. After meeting the Good Knight Brissen, take him into the team, and then in the store you take off his armor and helmet (they are magical), put them on yourself, and refuse the services of a knight. Do not be afraid there will be no claims and the game will not freeze CHECKED. In this armor, you can go through the whole Ingos and even Suslanger, since they do not break and you do not need to repair them. Do not forget to stock up on pants, as they unfortunately often break.

On Suslanger, you can go through the main gate to the portal without even breaking the game. You take with you from the Last Shelter one assistant, the so-called MORTAL (better MAGA, as he runs fast and for a long time). You lure a detachment of guardsmen to him, unfortunately he will die, at this time you lie hiding nearby. Soon the brutalized Guardsmen will stick around the corpse of the magician, lure them one by one (with the help of the fireworks spell) and kill. at this point you should be able to deal with one guardsman easily. P.S. Just don’t forget to rip off your dead friend. Extra money won’t hurt.

On Gipata, you can get a Dragon’s gift (sword) from the moment you are sent for a magic die for the Witch Doctor. Carefully pass through the cave avoiding evil-eyed and panzerniks, the stone golem can be overwhelmed by a blow from behind and exit in the Dead City. Kill skeletons that are weaker (go through the cemetery), sneak onto the Dragon rock. Talk to him to the end, complete his task and woo-a-la SWORD your.

Advice for magician and warrior. NECESSARY:
MAG: on Gipata, upgrade the lightning magic skill to the 2nd level, the 1st level of fire magic and elemental magic from 45-50, as well as melee from 30 to 45 (this is additional protection, and you can also stab the enemy from behind) … If you pump the magic of lightning well (as described above), then you can bring down the lava elementals in the “Tunnel” without interference with lightning. Mage Weapon: SWORD.
WARRIOR: good to pump melee and shooting. Weapons for the warrior: ax (sword), spear (dagger) and mace.
Both Persians download the magic of the astral and the magic of the senses.

I want to make a small introduction 🙂
After rereading all the above advice, you can come to the conclusion that you guys have passed the game only once, and then crawling over everything that moves and does not move. Should I give advice at all? Or maybe you give them to someone who hasn’t played Cursed Lands at all? Advice is useless, since everything that you write is already known to everyone. There are only 2-3 people who really understand people. The ONLY TIP I liked about green bones. I didn’t know, honestly, BUT! Again, this is a game glitch, which means it can be called a cheat in quotes, you should not use this, since you lose interest in the game, you can then just open the console and write yourself the codes.
And so advice! To begin with, I will immediately warn you that I went through this toy 3 times. I don’t know the codes and surprisingly didn’t use them. As mentioned above … you should not kill anyone from the assistants, because if you do not improve yourself correctly, then you will need their help, you can simply undress them, for example, when moving between parts of the island. You should not take them with you in any case, otherwise you will remain nothing, the experience gained will be shared between you. They also interfere, for example, if you are crawling somewhere and want to remain unnoticed, while you ferry everyone, you can be tortured, but leaving them alone to their fate … why then are they needed? 🙂
Regarding the wands (staves) with lives, RIDDEN !!! I tell you, it takes time to use the wand, and all the time to use the 4th wand, for example …. And when to beat the enemy? Wands place powerful magic in themselves, therefore it is better to lay in them whatever is really sensible, I strongly advise, “weakness”, etc., which has a negative effect on the opponent. Or, for example, an eagle’s gaze or night vision, we settle the runes of duration to the maximum, activate it on ourselves, at a time it can eat all the manna, but for that the duration will be 2-5 minutes more than you need. In no case do not put magic in your weapon that has a positive effect on you. The rune, acting only on you, which will need to be put into the weapon (so that your sword does not add life to the enemy :)) will take up the power of magic … and therefore the magic itself in the weapon will be weaker. It is better to put spells in the weapon that will harm the opponent. And in order for you to become “IMMORTALITY” as written above, do a healer on all your armor, and on any 2-3 armor, for example, it is better to put “Strength” on mono. Then you will always walk big, strong and fat 🙂 and your life will recover, faster than your opponent will damage you.
It is very important to first swing the kick from the back, but you should not pay full attention to it. Yes, you really should swing it to the second level. Do not write off the third. He is not so needed. Without a blow from the back, you may not even try to play, because even with a crowd of allies it will be difficult for you to kill, for example, a demon in the mountains, at the request of an orc (if your memory does not fail, then you wrote it right).
How to defeat the curse is written above, and I completely agree with this. Killing him yourself is not realistic! (unless you are a cheater of course). To the magician to pump up the power, and a couple of useful skills and heal until the curse turns blue 🙂
As for archers, who are supposedly good at shooting from a bow :). Don’t make people laugh! You tried to approach the archer and just hit him in the head all the time. No? Try it, 2-4 hits and he’ll lay down to rest.
I liked … another phrase: “If you do not give up the task …”. What does it mean to refuse? And what are those people who refuse? In this game, you can’t give up anything at all! And there is no need to crawl all over, as if to get somewhere faster. Kill EVERYONE! Can’t go to the front, go from the back. By the way, buy yourself a fireworks, very cool stuff :). You distract the enemy from the crowd to yourself, wait until it turns around and starts to leave, catch up and hit in the head from the back. By the way, you need to beat from the back to the head if you want to inflict maximum damage on the enemy.
Someone wrote – “To kill the Unhurried Black Troll in the Dead City …”, if you are a lamer :). And if there is oil in the head, then mono it and hammer it into the face, people need to swing correctly!
Some of you will think, and what am I better than others pumped? Well, love1 druze1, I will say that you rocked just as well as I did, when you, again, like me, wake up to kill dragons without any problems, and any, no matter if they are green, gray, red or gray-brown. If you remember, in one of the tasks, you need to steal a ring from the chest that is guarded by Cyclops. So I killed this Cyclops. And calmly took the ring for himself. Who does not believe write here: [email protected] I will send screenshots where you can see, without any cheats there, how he dies and how dragons die, and similar animals :).
The guards are really not a hindrance, like all the animals on the maps;)
Do not forget that you practically do not need magic at the beginning, but at the last levels, without it, no matter how.
By the way, in my opinion, the most powerful weapons that can be collected are spears. So take care of your bones friends (not your bones, but the material I meant;)).

And for those who have not played this game, I will say that the game is worth spending your precious time on it, and it sucks in itself, you all. My favorite hairpin;) Even CS is not lying around 🙂 .

To begin with, a little about myself: I started playing the game from the very moment it was released and played it 10 times. And how many hours I spent playing on the network is countless. So I can say with confidence – I know almost everything about the game.
To begin with, I want to say that magicians in this game COULD not like a kid. Even not the most pumped magician can easily alone endure the curse with a clot of acid (I tried it on myself: first I nailed Tka-Rika, healed the curse, and the FUN) But the area magic works the coolest (Wall of Fire, Wall of Lightning and Acid Mist). Here you need to put runes: Extra. target (doubles the damage), More amplification (this is understandable), Damage only to enemies (so as not to catch yourself), Low consumption of stamina (as long as the skill is enough) Thanks to acid fog, I like puppies filled up the portal guard (10-12 guards), just casually casting it. And this is without ANY CHITS.
More about the incomparable benefits of healing wands (they are also called batteries) If you have collected at least one battery, you are immortal. For the dull ones: take the Healing spell and put the Pp, U +, Z- rune into it (as far as the complexity of the wand is enough). then you put this spell into the wand, and, voila, the battery is ready. If you get hurt, she will automatically heal him instantly.
I can boast that on Gipat I killed almost everyone: trolls, dragons, cyclops, an elemental with 42,000 life. Most importantly, I destroyed all the golems in the Tunnel. And I repeat – I DID NOT APPLY NOT A SINGLE READING. You can find out how to do this on the website: Project “Genocide”. It is long, dreary, boring to perform it, but what pleasure you experience in destroying invincible golems is beyond words..
I repeat once again that it is better to wet archers with onions. At zero shooting skill, I am guaranteed to hit the head, dealing maximum damage. Of course, you can use an ax, but: the probability of hitting is lower and archers tend to run away. And rushing all over the map is not the best activity, so it’s easier just with a bow.

I killed the curse like this: the spell of healing max is shoved into the entire armor (IN EVERYTHING!). strength (it doesn’t matter that it works 1-2 times). as you get to the Curse, you immediately cast max power on the Mage. duration and weakness max. duration on Curse. it begins to beat you, but thanks to the clothes it does not kill immediately. and during this time, in a few blows, the Magician staggers him))

The way to kill archers – just run up from any direction and hit them in the leg, so he will not be able to escape.

1) At the very beginning, it will be hard to walk in Nubian clothes until we return the tools. Therefore, if you want to walk without partners, then take Hador into the team, take off all his things and kick them out. You can also do it with other available partners (not forgetting to remove the magic).
2) If you play as a warrior and walk alone, then we take the skills of a blow from the back, loads (so that metal things can be worn normally) and possession of a spear. The spear has the greatest damage, but there are monsters (skeletons, for example) that do not penetrate well for them, so it’s good to take the ability to swing an ax instead of a spear (clubs and swords are not very good at damage).
3) You can’t play as a magician and an archer without partners. “PZ”, I think, are designed for a warrior only if one walks. The reserve of strength here is nothing more than mana, so it will not work out to run and shoot magic at the same time, and if they reach the archer, they will be drained immediately, since the bow does not give protection (the chance to parry blows), unlike other weapons. Therefore, a warrior, in order to aggro enemies on himself, is necessary for a magician / archer.
4) In “PZ” there are no invincible creatures, except for a green dragon with 16000 health on hypate and an elemental in the Dead City, again on Gipat. If only with cheats, but this is not interesting and another topic already. We bring down the green trolls from the back, the black one too, but not 100%, which we will kill, since this is a half-quest mob, not designed to kill him. It is almost impossible to kill dragons and cyclops on Gipat. You need to have advanced skills, but you won’t take so much experience – that’s all, either tales about killing them with a bone bow, or cheats. Well, or an easy level of difficulty, on which it makes no sense to play at all. On Suslanger it is quite possible to kill them, there are also stronger monsters.
5) The easiest way to kill the Imperial guards and their sergeants is from the back, a level 2 backstab is enough. You can also hit in the open, but they have 165 attacks. With a melee skill of 100 (max.) And a pumped-up strength, they will still be extremely dangerous enemies for you (not by status in the character window, but by battle), so it’s good to have a mage with healing for 100+ health. It’s a good idea to take the regeneration skill – it also helps. We take into account that a long battle spoils the armor, so 6-7 guardsmen killed in the open will demolish you a good third of the strength of your armor.
6) On Ingos, playing a warrior, you can steal his armor from Brissen. Not the best in armor, but the magic in them is very strong and helps up to Suslanger.
7) About weapons on Gipat and Ingos. By completing quests, we find all types of armor and weapons. On Ingos, for sure, and on Gipat, completing the “Golden Valley”, next to the chest with gold there is a second one, in which a helmet with 10.0 protection and an eagle’s eye. The best helmet for the shop on Ingos made of iron (max. Material available in the shop, steel is obtained from the foresters, it is not in the shop) has armor of 9.9. We estimate the benefits of Gipatsky. Completing the dragon quest in the Dead City, do not forget to talk to him again after completing the quest, and we will receive a sword with a weakening. On Suslanger, when leaving the canyon at night (not to be confused with the daytime crossing without things), we kill the archer mentor in the northern cave and take a heavy mithril crossbow – an extremely powerful piece, an order of magnitude steeper than a simple crossbow. In the Necromancer Desert, in a big city, we kill the guards until we get the best metal armor – hadagan heavy leggings, helmet and cuirass. Chain mail, bracers, pants and boots in the store are the best, don’t look for others. There is also a spear there, but it is inside the courtyard, in my opinion, where we go on the quest a little later. In the cave of wormfaces, do not forget to kill them and take the meteorite – then only the sergeants will fall from the imperial guard, that is, it is not easy to get it later.
8) Do not be lazy to walk around the map when you have become the most dangerous thing on a given piece of land. For example, having pumped on Gipat, it’s not bad to kill everyone who moves. This will give us both money and experience..
9) When you are fighting a strong enemy, do not forget that he has high regeneration, so it is good to aim at the head if things went well, and if not, then hit the hands to reduce the attack speed.
10) The undead do not see, but senses you, so in the Dead City and in the Necromancer Desert we walk carefully at the beginning, until we can cope with them.
11) We are not lazy to look for caches (on the map in the menu – orange bags), as this can provide us with money.

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